Some years ago I invested in a jar of Creme De La Mer. I had read so many raves from beauty editors, celebrities and other beauties with seemingly perfect complexions that I was convinced it would transform my skin into gleaming poreless flawlessness (or um…. similar.)

It didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice and all – quite a thick consistency and felt very “nourishing” but I recall it being a bit too greasy, and thus not creating an adhesive base for make-up. Definitely more oily shine than pretty delicate sheen. I didn’t purchase another pot after I finished the original which says it all really. For me personally it simply wasn’t worth the hundred quid I bashed on my plastic.

I’ve wondered for a long time if many of these “luxe” type treatment potions are all much of a muchness, if it’s more about what’s spent on the associated advertising campaigns and super duper packaging that warrants such a premium price tag. I’ve lost count of how many expensive jars of goop I’ve tried over my time on the planet, the only ones I’ve repeat purchased have been Chanel (now discontinued) and Elemis Pro Collagen Marine cream (I actually prefer the night time version as it doesn’t contain silicone.) The latter I still use on occasion but during pregnancy and still more than 3 months on from Mabel arriving into the world my epidermis is like the bloody Sahara, only frequent applications of Aveeno prevents the flakes.

Maybe I should jut stick with the Aveeno in that case, it’s six pounds from Boots (often even less when they have offers on and whatnot) and really does soothe redness and irritation. The thing is, I feel that I should be using something spiffy, some anti-aging antioxidant type of concoction that will prevent lines and transform my skin into….gleaming poreless flawlessness.

I lose track of all the new chemical alleged “breakthroughs” some cosmetics companies use to market their latest dream cream (Ahem, although they do sound awfully fancy and sometimes I totally buy into the fact that I will OBVIOUSLY look very much like the campaign model after a few applications…) and half the time I wonder if that’s the point – we are being blinded by science. Or bulls*it. Either way, I am clearly their ideal customer.

Do you use a posh face cream?

Would you consider buying it again?

Have you actually noticed a difference that you think warrants the significant investment? I’m genuinely concerned that I am going to buy everything recommended in this feature.