Blush has been on the radar for a while, however Pantone’s decision to name rose quartz one of 2106’s ‘Colors’ of the Year has catapulted pink hues into everyones decor.

I am toying with a combo of the palest pink and an inky charcoal in my soon-to-be office. I’m hoping the palette will be contemporary yet really complement the traditional features of the room.
However setting out on a search for the perfect blush has proved tricky. A seemingly demure shade can resemble a sugared almond when it reaches the wall and so we’ve put together a little colour guide to save you from splashing out on endless testers. This is the first of our paint guides but we’ve also shot samples for both greys and whites to share soon. We thought it would be helpful to see the shades side by side to highlight the differences in all the tones. Simply scroll to the next image in the slider to view the shade names.

Farrow and Ball Peignoir

One of F&B’s new 2016 collection, Peignoir could be described as a pinkish grey. Named after a feminine negligee, this shade is slinky, sophisticated and perfect for your boudoir.

Farrow and Ball Pink Ground

The yellow pigment in Pink Ground results in a very soothing, soft blush. This colour transforms dependent on the time of day so expect an almost unpainted plaster look in natural daylight and more of a blush in sunlight. Very grown-up and sophisticated it looks particularly good with grey.

Hemsley Cheriton Blush

This was my first forage into Hemsley. Exclusive to Homebase these paints are ultra flat so you get a great depth of colour. The whole range is muted and timeless so well worth checking out.

Laura Ashley Chalk Pink

Chalk Pink is creamy, pretty and elegant. Laura Ashley also do a lighter shade of this colour, ‘Pale Chalk Pink’ if you’d like to get and subtler look.

Dulux Frayed Hessian 4

This is my personal favourite. As a warm, neutral shade Frayed Hessian is a subtle beige with just a hint of pink.

B&Q Subtle Blush

If ever a paint name summed up a shade this is it. It’s subtle and it’s blush. This B&Q paint was the rosiest of all the colours we tried.

Dulux Love Note

I’ve read some say Dulux’s Love Note is similar to F&B’s Calamine but for me this had more of a purplish undertone. You get a gorgeous flat colour with the Timeless Classic Range so it’s very sophisticated.

Anyone else inspired to use blush on their walls? What shade have you gone for?