It’s getting near to that time of year again. It’s darker in the mornings and the mist is beginning to rise. You bundle up to leave the house only to find by 10am it’s a warm and bright day and you’re stripping off your new chunky jumper as you’re hot under the collar. You know what you need don’t you? Layers.

We’ve selected these basic items because we either wear them to death and buy them on repeat or they have some pretty spectacular reviews.

The Base Layer

The base layer is going to keep your core temperature regulated and there are lots of new-fangled technologies about to lock in heat.

I’ve raved about this before and need to put in my order for the winter. I favour the scoop neck vests which don’t seem to be available at the moment so instead I’ll go for the cami with shoestring straps. Uniqlo bill their technology as a revolutionary innerwear made from fabric that captures heat from your body and retains it to keep you warm. It really does work. Trust me.

M&S Heatgen
On the long sleeve front M&S also have a range of thermal wear which seems to be exceptionally popular with their customers. The range seem to be the right length not to ride up and reveal flesh. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? It makes me so cold! There’s a thin or thicker version in heaps of different colours too depending on how nesh you are. I’m all over the thicker one.

The Mid Layer

Moving from the base layer to the mid layer, enter the mid layer with breathable fabrics to keep you comfortable.

Cotton Shirt

The Gap Denim Shirt is so popular it’s regularly out of stock but keep an eye out for it. I’ve tried it on in the past and only didn’t buy it because it’s really similar to a very old H&M one I already have. I always seem to have a denim or chambray shirt in my capsule as there’s a need for this basic every season. For a looser fit Next also have a mid wash shirt which has also reviewed well.

If you prefer stripes to denim, I have a very similar version of the H&M striped shirt which I wear on it’s own or with a cardigan over the top if it’s chilly.

Is it fair to say most people have a Breton in their wardrobe? Time and time again you lovely ladies have mentioned you’re fans of the Boden Breton. Super soft and in loads of different colours it’s one of Lottie’s faves too.

Plain Tee

For plainer long sleeved tops I would love to hear your recommendations as my washing machine seems to eat mine.

The Warm Layer

So you’ve got the innerwear and a thin later over the top but that’s not going to keep you warm when the temperature drops. In comes in the warm layer.
It’s no secret Charlotte loves a Boohoo cardigan. She cannot get enough of them and at less than 20 quid who can blame her?
On the other hand, I have three of these & Other Stories fine knits and I’m gutted that it looks like I’ve missed out on the darker grey version. I’m a fan of the slightly oversized shape and the fact they wash well.
Casual Hoodie
Becky favours a casual knit and likes these slouchy and cosy hoodies from H&M.

The Outer Layer

On the final layer, Lisa spoilt you with lots of smashing coats earlier this week. I’d love a new leather or pleather jacket but this Kooples one is out of my price range. On Lisa’s parka hunt lots of New Look customers are getting very excited over this number with leather contrast cuffs. According to one reviewer it’s got a faux fur lining. Snug as a bug in a rug.

So where do you get stocked up on your layers and your basics? What autumn/winter favourites to you buy and layer on repeat?

  • New Look Parka
  • Boohoo Cardigan
  • HeatTech Cami
  • & Other Stories Jumper
  • Boden Breton
  • Next Denim Shirt
  • M&S Thermal Top
  • H&M Stripe Shirt

RMS Autumn Layering Basics