Given that RMS founder Charlotte is a renowned fan of the beauty brand Smith & Cult, I knew that she was the first person I needed to tell when I found out they were launching an eyeshadow range later this year. She knew already, of course. The range apparently will include four eyeshadow palettes and three different eyeliner shades that will most likely become cult favourites like the majority of their nail polish range. I mean what girl doesn’t want the opportunity to match her nails to her makeup?

And then I paused.

Because in this day and age isn’t it somewhat of a faux pas to be ‘matchy matchy’. I mean I’m more than happy to hold my hands up and apologise if I’ve got this all wrong, if I’ve misinterpreted things…. After all, I’m the first to admit that I’ve lost my style mojo which I talked about in this post earlier this year so I’m probably not best qualified to debate this question but I need to know.

It seems that the sophisticated days of the 60s where you match your handbag to your shoes are long gone, that in fact you’re more likely to receive funny looks should you opt for such an ‘outdated’ look. I have to say this makes me slightly sad although I’ve never been one for channelling such a aesthetic myself (albeit on one occasion for a glamorous city wedding several years ago where I was head to toe in Cadbury purple (so not a good look!)) but I do admire those females that can pull off such an ensemble.

It looks chic and elegant, powerful even. Think Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly – all of whom were wonderful women with influence and wisdom. Their dedication to sartorial co-ordination was actually representative of their approach to life, their mentality. Their attention to detail, the care and consideration with which they selected their outfits and their matching accessories was reflected in the way they conducted themselves, their business and in their relationships.

Completely and utterly admirable.

Perhaps this goes some way in explaining the general public’s fascination with the Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe. Kate is another high profile, albeit modern day, female who chooses matching accessories. Co-ordinating clutches and hats anyone? How about the nude L.K. Bennett’s she regularly returns to time and time again? It’s not uncommon for her mix of High Street and designer outfits to sell out once images or footage of what she’s been wearing are released for general purview. I believe someone cleverly coined it ‘The Kate Effect”.

So if such a look is so desirable why don’t more of us dress this way, other than say when we’re attending a special ‘do’. Can we be bothered in this day and age? Perhaps it’s me? Perhaps I’m only hanging out with people who frankly aren’t bothered about how complimentary their accessories are. But then I can’t say that I’ve seen such dedication to this particular style on the streets outside of Mayfair for example.

Which forces me to pose the question…do you think it’s outdated? Do you like this type of look? And how far would you go to obtain the ultimate matchy matchy ensemble?