Happy New Year! Hope you all had a great Christmas and welcomed the new year in style. It always takes a while to get back in to the swing of things in January doesn’t it? Hoping the first week back to normality goes well.

Towards the end of last year we asked for your feedback in our survey. We received a staggering response so thank you so much for taking the time to tell us what you thought about our little area of the internet. Overwhelmingly the feedback was positive (phew!) but there was also some very constructive criticism which has helped us shape the way Rock My Style will forge forward in 2016.

When we launched RMS (nearly two years ago) we were keen to cover a wide variety of subjects but this means unlike Rock My Wedding we haven’t carved out our niche. As you may remember we asked you your favourite categories and as a result we’re very pleased to let you know moving forward our focus will be predominately on your three favourite topics; interiors, beauty and fashion. This of course doesn’t mean we’ll be losing the travel, recipes, health, book reviews and general chit-chat but we’ll make sure you get a true dose of ‘style’ each week with some other lifestyle topics thrown in for good measure. We’ll also be joined by several guest bloggers so you benefit from a varied voice.

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With Lolly renovating her home, and James and I embarking on a big redecoration project we’ll be sharing lots of interior inspiration, ideas and before and afters. However it’s not just our own homes we want to share. We’re really pleased to announce the arrival of a submission platform where you can submit your own images to be considered for a home tour. We know this is one of our most popular features on Rock My Style but it’s not feasible to have Adam jetting all over the country snapping beautiful abodes, no matter how much cake we give him. If you have professionally shot images of your pad we’d love to take a peek.

On the beauty front we’re working through various tutorials and even considering vlogging. Our resident make-up junkie Charlotte will continue to take the lead with beauty posts but we recognise your wish for us to cover more looks for all skin and hair types. It’s high on our priority list to address this!
With our second birthday approaching we’ll also be looking to have a mini makeover too so look out for some changes to the site navigation categories and some subtle differences to our overall look.

We knew our capsule wardrobe posts were popular but we didn’t realise quite how much! Your feedback was to have more on this subject. As most of the team have adopted this approach we’ll be featuring more about our closets as well as our curated fashion picks from the high street.

Obviously we all have mortgages to pay so you’ll continue to see sponsored posts and affiliate links within posts but we will only ever partner with brands we feel are right for the brand and ones we heartily recommend.

For all of you who were fans of our maternity posts we created you a whole new blog. Rock My Family goes from strength-to-strength but we recognise you’d like a few maternity mentions over here too so we’ll endeavour to accommodate this.

Thank you once again for your ongoing feedback and support. You guys truly rock.


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  • Nearly three quarters of our readers sit in the 26-34 age range.
  • Over three quarters are married, with 15% co-habiting
  • An incredible 82% of you own your own home
  • Over a quarter already have children and 10% are pregnant. (Congratulations!)
  • Nearly half of you read every day. (Thank you!)