Metallics are a hot interior trend at the moment, especially warmer tones such as copper, brass and gold. If you’re after a quick and easy way to add a splash of gold to your home then look no further than today’s tutorial.
I will forgive you for thinking that a drawing pin isn’t the most glamorous of accessories but I’m sharing a very quick DIY using the humble office essential that is guaranteed to give you a gorgeous glitzy piece of art in less than an hour.

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{You will need}
  • One canvas (ours was 30x40cm)
  • Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Drawing Pins
  • Washi Tape or Masking Tape
  • Chalk
  • Pencil
  • Your chosen design
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    1. Choose your paint. We chose the ultra subtle pastel, Sorbet from Dulux. Apply a couple of coats of paint to your canvas. You could use the brush from a tester pot, a standard brush, or in the past I’ve been known to use a mini radiator roller to get a super smooth finish. Leave to dry.
    2. Next print off (or create from scratch) your chosen slogan. I used ‘Snell Roundhand’ font to type out ‘Ooh la la’ in a size large enough to fill an A4 piece of paper.
    3. Turn over the piece of paper and scribble all over the back of the design using chalk. Blow away any excess chalk dust.
    4. Turn over your design and fix to your canvas with washi tape.
    5. Now it’s time to take the design and create a carbon copy on the canvas. Take a pencil and draw over the outline of your copy. When you peel back the paper the pressure you’ve applied will mean the chalk is transferred to the canvas leaving behind the outline.
    6. Take your drawing pins and punch through the canvas following the edge of your outline.
    7. When you’ve finished it might be an idea to flip over the canvas and secure a piece of paper to the back to prevent any drawing pin related injuries.
    8. Stand back and admire the view
    This little creation was inspired by Things Bright. Don’t forget to let us know if you’re inspired to make something similar and do drop us an instagram mention (@rockmystyleblog) if you decide to make your own.