I wear my pyjamas when it’s not night time.
When I announced this at a recent team meeting, the resounding shock from Charlotte and Lolly prompted me to declare it to you too. So strong were the views we just had to share them and find out which camp you sit in.

Me {Lauren}

For those of you who think I’m going to confess to sitting around all day in my onesie, I have to stop you right there; for one I don’t own a onesie and second when I work from home I’m always fully dressed and most likely to have a full face of make-up on. I never know who’ll pop round or if I’ll have to make a quick dash in to the office. No, my confession is around what I do when I get home. Thankfully we’ve seen the back of those long dark winter nights (though they still seem to be as flipping cold) but a few months ago I could be found coming through the door around 6pm and dashing upstairs to put on my nightwear. A couple of reasons for this; supreme comfort and warmth but also the knowledge I’m going to get into PJs at some point during the night so why bother creating more washing by changing into an interim outfit? See I’m not being sloven just practical. I literally have tonnes of pyjamas, in fact they’re crying out for bit of a clear-out and I love donning a fresh pair to signify the end of the working day when I slip out of my professional attire into something all together more comfortable. I mean how pretty are the vintage rose ones in the image above from hush?!
Now I’m also partial to a bit of leisure wear too. I’d love to tell you I splash out on a luxury cashmere knit or the whole of the White Company lounge wear selection but in reality I have some woollen joggers from Gap, snuggly cuffed cotton bottoms from various places and cosy fleecy lined sweatshirts from H&M which I’m tending to go for now the evenings are lighter. These items never leave the house though, they are strictly in-house attire reserved for relaxation. Now I well and truly love a bit of loungewear, however Miss Lolly La Pop feels distinctly different…


I don’t do loungewear. Full stop.
There are pyjamas for bedtime and there are actual proper daytime clothes and for me there is nothing in between. Yes I know, I can already hear the collective audible gasp from the majority of you (my family included!). If I’m being completely honest then I’m probably the odd one out when it comes to my nearest and dearest; my sisters own a plethora of various lounging clothing and stacks of pyjamas and Ste has been known to regularly come home from work and pop on his cashmere joggers after having a shower before changing for bed.
I don’t get it. At all.
Perhaps it’s a personality thing. I’m the kind of girl that jumps straight out of bed when the alarm goes (no snooze button for me). Why delay the inevitable? I cannot abide laziness. The same goes for situation appropriate clothing and we’re not just talking about the weather here.
Although the majority of my working hours are spent at home, I dress as if I was still going into the office…well the RMLtd office. We don’t necessarily don three piece suits regularly here. Nonetheless on goes the makeup, the hair gets ponytailed or braided or whatever else I’m feeling that day, and I put on actual clothes. And those clothes stay on right up until bedtime when I take them off and put on my pyjamas literally just before bed.
It’s a mental thing. As in mind over matter. I need to feel ready for the day ahead and I suppose that’s all about marking the separation from night to day. I do that by putting on ‘proper’ clothes; I just wouldn’t feel in the right frame of mind if I slipped into a pair of joggers for example or a sloppy jumper. I’d feel…lazy. Not exactly the right mindset for approaching a very exciting but nonetheless very long list of things to do and people to see.
But that’s the working week I hear you cry. What about weekends? What about relaxed Sunday mornings with decadent brunches. Surely you must sport some kind of lounging attire then?
Ermmm. No. No I don’t.
Weekends are pretty much the same. I still need to feel like I’ve got up in order to take on the day ahead. I’m not the kind of girl that can stay in her pyjamas throughout breakfast for example…I’d feel dirty. And not in a sexy way…think more Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances…and that’s not really the look I’m trying to channel by any stretch of the imagination.
Perhaps I’m strange. Maybe I just need to chill out. But with 32 years under my belt I really don’t see me changing my lounging habits any time soon.

Are you a lounge wear kind of girl? Have you worn your pyjamas when it’s not bedtime? Or do you share Lolly’s view that it’s all too lazy?