Recently I’ve been trying to downsize.
No, not my house (I’d like that significantly more spacious if possible please) but my make-up bag. I seem to harbour an innate inability to streamline, I literally take everything I use on my face everywhere I go. And that means bulky. And heavy. And is possibly all a bit unnecessary (in reality I perhaps touch up my powder, concealer, lip and blush products only.)

Rather than try and do a complete overhaul of what I put on my face (expensive and time-consuming) I thought I would invest in a couple of multi-tasking products and see how I got on.

So far it’s just been a couple of pink-hued items to enhance both your pout and your cheeks. Benefit Benetint in Peony (fresh, liquid-y, long-lasting) and Stila Convertible Colour in Petunia (sheeny, creamy, good colour pay off).

I am quite liking both products as it happens, although the fact remains – do they work as well as my usual Chanel lipstick and MAC powder blush separates? Hmmm, I’m not convinced they do.

Are there any multi-tasking products you would recommend? And how do I go about streamlining?!