Part of the decision involved in finding our dream family home was to move to a location that was more rural. We wanted not only a considerably more spacious abode, but also somewhere with a large garden for our daughter (and any future siblings) to run around in.

Then there was the whole school for Mabel consideration, as well as the fact I didn’t want to feel completely out in the sticks and therefore isolated. We also wanted a character property rather than a new build. Didn’t ask for much did we?

They say that trying to sell and buy a house is one of the most stressful and time consuming experiences of your lives. They also say what is meant to be will be.”They” were right on both counts – it took us 18 months from when we originally put our previous home on the market to move into our forever cottage in the country. It’s been a long and exhausting journey, with sales and purchases falling through at the final hurdle. I honestly didn’t think we would ever find something we truly loved, and compromise to the point of regretting moving altogether.

And then there it was, our double fronted cottage in a small pretty village we had never even heard of (!) just a few miles from our favourite town of Royal Leamington Spa. We are surrounded by fields and trees. It’s so beautifully green. It has absolutely and categorically been worth the wait.

Of course as with any purchase that you haven’t built and designed yourself there are changes to be made. We are starting with painting throughout, new carpet upstairs (downstairs already has solid oak flooring and the tiles in the kitchen are fine for now as we plan on extending/completely changing this area in the not too distant future) and new column radiators (some vertical to give us more wall space for furniture positioning etc).

And then there’s the subject of spraying the kitchen an entirely different colour which I could do with your help with please oh-stylish-ones. We currently have a black matt quartz worktop and kind of ivory marbled type tiles with taupe/grey in them. The kitchen itself was obviously an investment – it has excellent pan draws and lots of cupboard space including a pull out pantry. But it’s very…wood. So I’m thinking a few coats of paint are in order.

We have already had a quote from a spraying company – they have given us the Farrow and Ball paint chart (I believe they mix the colours to match essentially) and I’ve contacted a specialist kitchen painter with no response as yet.

Based on the details I’ve given above:

a) What colour should we paint it?!
b) Can you recommend a good kitchen painter in Warwickshire?
c) If you’ve had your kitchen painted do let me know ALL the details in the comments box below.

Kitchen project aside, I could also do with your help with some other pressing country-bumpkin matters. I need wellies. And boots. Not suede ankle boots with tassels (have already trashed those wading through soggy leaves and wet grass) but nice waterproof knee high numbers without much of a heel and that don’t make your legs look shorter/chunkier than necessary.

I am told Hunter are the best and most comfortable brand of welly there is (is this true? Do you have a pair?) so I’m going to try some on. In terms of boots made for walking unfortunately I think The Duchess Of Cambridge’s choice of Penelope Chivers is a little out of my price range. Even though this slate/black pair is PERFECT. Sigh. Any recommendations welcome.

I have my eye on this Metal Boot Cleaner for the Utility room, we’ll need one after all of these muddy adventures I have planned*.

One of the loveliest and quite unexpected things that has happened to us since we moved is just how welcoming and generous the neighbours have been. We’ve received cards, flowers, Prosecco, party invites….there is such a genuine sense of community. After such a turbulent 2016, not just what I’ve experienced personally but throughout the world in general, it truly is kindness, thoughtfulness and pulling together that will enable us to create a positive future for ourselves and our loved ones.

In other news, when David and Judith from next door invited us for “Tea and biscuits” they in fact served us with a giant plate of Kitkats. They might just be my most favourite neighbours of all.

*I said planned folks, with reference to the image in the slider above, maybe I should instead consider investing in a patio heater?

You can follow all of our decorating and renovating attempts on my personal instagram.

P.S The patio sign is from Amazon. Plus possibly not the right type of attire for country pursuits but the cable cardigan I am wearing in the header images (I have it in both sky blue and rose) is cheap as chips and you probably need one. It’s from Boohoo (yes, I seem to be the cardigan-from-boohoo-Queen) and only £15. For that price you should probably buy two. Or three even, I really like the grey one….