Early next year, my husband will turn 40. Which I’m struggling to wrap my head around because his 30th feels no longer than 4 years ago. We’re planning on marking the occasion with a stress-free/kid-free trip to Amsterdam. A place neither of us have been to, but has been on the hit list for quite some time (all recommendations welcome). There has also been talk of a party at home for family and friends. I was keen on a theme, Gavin is absolutely not. He’s more of a ‘text everyone to meet at the boozer’ kind of party planner. 
It got me thinking about milestone birthdays and how there is something about flipping into a whole new decade that warrants a bit of extra celebration. Whether that’s a party, a special gift or trip to mark the occasion. 

Long gone are my 18th/21st milestones, but my latest celebrated one (albeit a few years ago now) was my 30th. We took a cheeky trip to Bali as a family – it was just three of us then – and on my actual birthday day I indulged in a 4.5 hour long spa treatment in the most incredible spa I’ve ever visited. Guys, I literally bathed in a secret courtyard, outside, in a stone bath full of fresh flowers. It was a birthday to remember. Gavin also created a gorgeous moment by surprising me with an eternity ring while walking along the beach one night. I wear it every day and it reminds me of how special my 30th birthday felt.
A colleague of mine back in Australia went to an elaborate 40th birthday party where the theme was ‘Forty Winks’. Guests were invited to a fully styled event, and the dress code was strictly pyjamas only. The photos looked like everyone had a riot and the stand-up bed photo booth (literally pillows and a duvet nailed to a stud wall) was ingenious. This was years ago and I still to this day want to break out this idea for my own 40th.
For my Dad’s upcoming 60th birthday, he and my Mum are going on a much anticipated trip to New York (they’ve never been to The States before) where he plans on buying the world’s most stupidly expensive sandwich and taking my Mum shopping. This is his dream. And this is very much my Dad. 
Milestone birthdays are so personal, aren’t they? Whether you treat yourself, throw a party, stay at home or do something fun or extravagant, it’s about tapping into what really makes you happy. It’s creating an experience that you will remember for years to come. It’s a way of marking how lucky we all are to reach these special milestones in life. Of making memories with the people you love, whether that’s eating a stupidly expensive sandwich or just having a night in with a few of your close friends. 
Do you have any milestone birthday celebrations coming up? Your own or others?
What’s the most memorable milestone birthday celebration you’ve encountered?