Last month not a lot happened with regards to the list I mentioned in my last post. We do however have a fully functioning industrial style light in the soon-to-be bar area. And that’s about it. You may remember I mentioned we wanted to start laying a new patio here and you may also recall we discovered a low hidden wall too. Turns out a couple of chaffinches discovered the wall too and built their nest so now we have a little family cheeping away merrily. I’ve read they’ll be flying the nest in a couple of weeks but until then we’re avoiding any work in that area.

Finally my tulips, daffodils and bluebells burst through. The lupin foliage has appeared along with the greenery of my agapanthus and peony. Best off my much-trimmed-to-the-point-we-thought-we’d-killed-it wisteria is most definitely alive and is covered in huge buds. I ruddy love this time of year when there’s so much promise for the flowering season ahead.
We’ve taken five car loads to the recycling centre and have been exceptionally busy with a hoe clearing weeds and removing plants that didn’t make it over the winter. The whole courtyard is looking much smarter especially with the newly painted fence and wall. Removing the huge climbers back in January has left room for lots of new planting so over the weekend I headed to the garden centre to have a gander at suitable plants.

Obviously with any decor project there are a few bits and pieces to buy. I’m planning on heading down to ikea to pick up a storage bench and perhaps a few outdoor cushions too. I would love a slim outdoor rug too but haven’t had any luck tracking down a stylish runner. Please shout if you have!

A few bits to be getting on with in May

  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast as there may still be frosts (seriously) so be sure to protect any tender plants
  • Install a water butt if you haven’t already to do your bit for the environment recycling water
  • Unveil the garden furniture and give it a coat of stain or paint to protect from the elements
  • Think about planting up a hanging basket to hang in a sheltered spot
  • Check for greenfly on any summer flowering plants. I usually keep a spray bottle handy to fill with washing up liquid and water to blitz them
  • If it’s not too wet get into the routine of a weekly mow of the lawn
  • If it’s relatively dry dahlia tubers can also be pushed into the soil this month. They’ve made a huge comeback over the last few years and make for a stunning summer display
  • If you didn’t get round to it last month, broccoli, kale, peas, spinach and swede can all be sown outside or under cloches during early May. I’m thinking about growing my own kale as I’m eating it by the bucketload at the moment and my local supermarket never seems to have it.

If you don’t have a garden

  • Consider planting indoors on the kitchen window sill. Nip to the garden centre to get yourself a chilli plant or a few seeds and you can can have a kitchen garden in no time.
  • You could also think about adding a window box to your ledges. I love to see geraniums and box plants perched underneath a window.

I hope you have a smashing Bank Holiday Monday. Do let me know what you’re up to in your own garden and any progress you’ve been making.