Even though I only very recently waxed lyrical about my magical March, the month of May will always be my favourite of all. It was the month I got married…a whole 7 years ago (!) cherry blossom is in full bloom and there is the distinct promise of summer.

Romanticism aside, I’m actually seeking a bit of advice from you lovely lot if that’s ok. We’re taking Mabel to Portugal for a much needed week of relaxation and trips to the beach to eat ice-cream and paddle in the sea. Well, we would be if it wasn’t supposed to be relatively chilly and raining. This has never happened to us before. We always always have super weather when we go abroad. What am I supposed to do about all those maxi dresses? wear them with a coat?!

If any of you folks have any suggestions about what to do in the Vale Do Lobo/Quinta Do Lago area when it’s cold and wet they your advice in the comments box below would be much appreciated. As a couple we would be more than happy to watch box sets and read but I’m not so sure a manic two year old would be that enamoured with either option.

It’s my husband James’s birthday on the 13th. I am yet to buy him anything. Anything. And I need to get cracking as essentially I will need to take a gift or two in my suitcase as we’ll be away for the event. Do you have any suggestions for quirky smallish man-gifts that travel well? That I can order like, today? Mabel has already bought Daddy this rather fetching T-shirt in my favourite fruity print, and a snazzy striped jumper from one of THE BEST brands to purchase Men’s knitwear – River Island. Yes you heard it here first.

The only book I have is my already-chosen RMS book club read. Just one book. I usually have at least 4 ready and waiting weeks before I’m due to depart, but I just haven’t been that enamoured with anything I’ve seen recently. Maybe I just haven’t done enough research? Anything easy going/romantic appeals, if you have any suggestions I will love. you. forever.

On the subject of books, I’ve been writing mine. And the experience is entirely different to blogging, as you might expect I suppose. With a post you usually have a relatively short timescale, it has to go live to an audience at a dedicated time – you don’t have the opportunity for a do over. I’ve found so far it’s incredibly tempting to re-write paragraphs (sometimes entire chapters) on the Rock My Wedding publication until my eyes are blurry and I’ve demolished a family bag of malteasers without even realising. This month I’ve told myself I’ll endeavour not to be so critical. However, I can’t promise I’ll seriously try that hard to keep my hands off the chocolate covered honeycomb balls.

In other behind-the-scenes-of-the-business news, I’m super proud of the team securing partnerships with some amazing brands that we’ll be working and styling with this month. We recently created a new campaign for Pandora (they of immense stacking ring fame), you can see me in erm…action, in the slider above. Jewellery is by far the most challenging in terms of product we have ever worked with (so delicate, so detailed – so easy to get lost in too much froth and fancy) but Pandora have been so impressed with the results they are already using the imagery for PR and social media activity.

It’s incredibly easy to get lost in the whirlwind of the day-to-day and planning constant future projects you never actually sit back and take a look at what you’ve already achieved. This month I’m working on improving this situation.

And lastly my Mabel…..she is a constant ray of sunshine and a daily dose of delight.

Have a beautiful May everyone.