The days are getting longer. It’s light past half past five (hooray) and the temperature is very slowly getting warmer. In my own garden, James and I are on track to have a refreshed courtyard by the time the summer truly starts.

In My Garden

Last month we hired a tree surgeon to remove the ma-hassive shrubs which were attempting to take over our courtyard. Once they were removed they revealed a small wall we didn’t even know existed, covered in ivy. The act also exposed a truly hideous fence which has seen better days so we have another unexpected job to add to the garden project list.
I have to admit after last weekend’s gardening endeavours I have started to loose enthusiasm. It was absolutely freezing, blowing a gale and I was trying to hack back an overzealous ivy while wearing a pair of fingerless gloves. I am in desperate need of some snazzy gardening gloves which not only look the part, but are also practical too.

There seems to be an awful lot to do but Rome wasn’t built in a day and we are very slowly making progress. The fence panels have been ordered and I’ve shortlisted the trees to go up against the fence for privacy. I just need to order them now but the price is eye wateringly expensive for five!

One little patch of snowdrops finally did appear and lots of bulbs are bursting through so I’m hoping for tulips before the month is out.

In Your Garden

  • Have a good old spring clean, weed, clear and dig over the borders and strip perennials of dead leaves and heads
  • While you’re at it weed your driveway and patio. It’s a pain in the bum but will be worth it to set you up for the season ahead
  • Feed roses with as special rose food or balance fertiliser and prune into shape
  • Plant up your spring tubs and hanging baskets with primroses, pansies and violas, tete-a-tete, cyclamen or spring heathers
  • Prune early-flowering clematis once their flowers have finished and summer-flowering clematis before they start into active growth
  • Snip off old stems and dead-head hydrangeas before new growth appears
  • Watch out for pesky slugs as they’re about to make a reappearance
  • Later in the month plant out onions, garlic and shallots
  • Many vegetable crops can be sown later this month too. From broad beans to carrots, salad leaves to leeks. March is the time to get sowing

What are you up to in your garden this month? How have your bulbs fared? Any surprises popped up from your soil?

Image sources | Stacked pots | Tulips in containers