I figured that after sharing my budget skincare game changer last week, I was allowed to enable you to purchase an eye-wateringly expensive, yet magical! make-up item this week. Balance and all that.

I’m not into gimmicky cosmetics. Especially not mascaras. I like my wands sturdy yet flexible and my formulations lengthening, thickening, non clumpy and a veritable force against smudges and flakes. Remember that vibrating mascara fad a few years ago? I mean, WTF was that? unsurprisingly you don’t see any of those on the market today.

I’ve never been into these dual ended numbers, they seem like a right faff. I’m well aware that lash “primers” can work wonders for some (I’ve heard the Dior Diorshow Maximiser 3D gives excellent results and limits breakages) but I just can’t justify yet another product to apply during my already time poor morning routine.

That was until I accidentally bought Lash Star “Full Control Lash Sculpting Mascara” from one of my favourite places to browse boutique make-up brands online: Cult Beauty. It was the associated video tutorial that did it.

I apply the “tightline” brush (white end – but black product inside) first to both eyes. I start right at the roots and “push” my inner lashes towards the inner eye, the middle lashes towards my temple and the outer lashes towards my ear – to create a kind of “fan” effect. The tutorial calls this a “sunburst” technique but I’ve always done it – and I actually spend way less time than they appear to. I then apply the “curved silicone brush” in a similar manner to both peepers, I find I can really layer it up to create a “false” lash effect should I choose to. With absolutely no blobs or stuck-togetherness.

It’s as if the first end creates a thickening yet glossy “base” and the second stage lengthens, separates and adds even more volume. The results really are truly amazing. I also use the smaller tightline brush for lower lashes.

I’m still using up my Bobbi Brown “Everything” mascara which I like very much for a soft natural “daytime” look, and I’ve found the curved silicone brush and formulation of the Lash Star can be applied, even hours later, on top of this to create a lengthened/more impressive effect for evening. I don’t understand the science behind the whole thing if I’m honest but I like it. A lot.

Lash Star is super easy to remove – I splash my eyes with a bit of warm water to break it down and it comes away easily with cleanser/eye make-up remover that I apply on a cotton pad.

Full Control Lash Sculpting Mascara will set you back £25. Interestingly this is for 10ml where as my Bobbi Brown is 6ml for £21. So in the long term, my newest find will be more cost effective.

Do you use a dual ended mascara? Do let me know if you are considering giving Lash Star a whirl – consider it a Valentines gift to yourself. And if you fancy winning some really lovely treats on this day of true love and hiking up the price of fresh flowers to Simon Cowell’s trouser proportions, head on over to the Rock My Wedding instagram . There you will find among other alcoholic and sugar-coated things, my favourite Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in “Liv It Up” which could be yours for free.