I really want Mabel to spend her first Christmas at home, the festive season is something James and I have discussed way before she was even born – how December 2014 would be unlike any other. I’ve often day dreamed about the white picket fence of celebrations, the entire family around the table, joy, laughter, prosperity…..an abundance of Prosecco (!)

Well I’ve got my wish folks, on Thursday I will be cooking dinner for nine adults and two littles, it’s not the first time I’ve whipped up a um… storm in the kitchen on the 25th, it’s just never been more than four of us at any one time. I was so excited by the prospect of my West Midlands version of The Waltons I had completely failed to consider the fact that I simply do not have the facilities to cater for the quantity of food required.

I have a single oven and a five ring hob.

It’s times like this I would really love one of those fancy shiny range cookers.

After a teeny tiny confidence wobbler I realised I had to ask for help, after all, Christmas is all about all muddling in as it were. I’m preparing the pork, the vegetables (peas, carrots, parsnips) the stuffing, the gravy and the pigs in blankets whilst my Mum is in charge of roast potatoes and my sister is perfecting the turkey crown. My mother-in-law is providing a selection of delicious desserts and I’m sure everyone will bring a bottle. Or two.

So far so organised. Maybe.

Decor wise the very lovely Karen and Gemma from The Wedding Of My Dreams are loaning me some hessian runners, place name holders, mercuried silver bud vases and co-ordinating ribbon. I’ve ordered an array of white blooms from my local florist and I’ve bought a new frock. I actually feel a little bit like Bree Van De Camp. Or Betty Draper. Or any fictional character with similar stereotypical domestic goddess tendencies.

However, as I write this (the 21st) I realise I actually haven’t got enough napkins. Or roasting tins. Or matching side plates. Also…..I haven’t bought any crackers.

Did I actually call myself Betty?

In all seriousness I’m sure that even if the parsnips are soggy and the gravy is lumpy it’ll be a laugh, and I know having Mabel with us in our home will mean it is the best Christmas ever. Besides, at least my table will look pretty.

If anyone has any advice on how to serve a meal for eleven all at the same time (still reasonably hot!) and where is the best place to purchase any of the above forgotten essentials so near to the big day it would be much appreciated.

Are any of you hosting Christmas this year? Do share your tales and tips in the comments box below. And whilst I’m here, I hope you all have the loveliest of holidays and I can’t wait to see you all in 2015 for more maternity and beauty adventures! xx