So this is embarrassing. Last week I bought the wrong mascara – wasn’t paying enough attention due to the seemingly vast amount of baby related paraphernalia I was shoving in my basket at Boots and threw in what I thought was my regular Max Factor “Clump Defy”.

It wasn’t, it was a very very similar looking tube except for a bit of gold script instead of silver and the word “Extensions” on it. I mean really, what? surely this was another one of those goopy jobs with the weird filaments in that flake off and stick to your contact lenses right?

Wrong. If you read my Best Budget Mascara post you will know that the original Max Factor Clump Defy is one of my favourites. Not particularly “buildable” but does give a dense black volumised look that holds a curl in a jiffy. These days with limited time to get ready in the morning I find I’m reaching for it more and more, hence the need to invest in a new one.

I really couldn’t be arsed to schlep back to the retail park and make an exchange and just thought…what the hell. If it’s decent I can write a post on it. Ha! and here I am. It was WAY better than decent, I haven’t a clue what they did to this version but I managed 3 coats and my lashes were rather “Wow”, even if I do say so myself. I wore it all day assuming the dreaded flakies would make an appearance, if not immediately then certainly by evening. Nope. Nada. No sign. Not the next day either. Or the next.

And just because I only like to recommend make-up products that I feel have been adequately tested I slept in it. I know – bad bad blogger. But I did it in the interests of you lovely folk….Ahem, do as I say people not as I do.

I woke up with lovely LONGER lashes. And absolutely zero weird filament bits or smudging. Admittedly my right eye was a tad wonky but I put that down to doing this odd face planting thing into my pillow I’ve been partaking in recently (does anyone else do this? No? Oh, just me then).

Application technique wise I hold the wand up to my eye and follow the curve of the brush with the curve of my lash line, I then gently “push” the wand upwards whilst wiggling a bit and simultaneously closing my eye at the same time so the bristles catch every single lash. I hope that made sense – I find this method separates the lashes and holds that curl/height which really opens up your peepers.

So here we are, a genuine review and subsequent recommendation for a truly amazing drugstore/cheap-ish mascara that makes your lashes thicker, longer, blacker AND doesn’t clump, smudge or flake. Now I feel at peace with myself after making you go and purchase those pretty yet expensive candy coloured balls last week (inserts winky emoji type face here).

Do you have any tips for longer lashes? Any application techniques to share on holding a curl/longevity of wear?

You can purchase this mascara at Boots for £11.99 (Max Factor is currently on 3 for 2!!!)

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