Well storage ain’t necessarily the most exciting subject matter but given the comments on last week’s fire surround install I thought you might appreciate this week’s Rock My Room update.

As you’ll notice in the before pics, to the left hand side of the faux chimney breast there was an empty space which was being filled by our lack lustre TV cabinet. We felt the space was crying out for a hefty bit of storage where we could store CDs, DVDs and all sorts of technical regalia.
Originally I was on the hunt for a carpenter to build a bespoke cupboard but I couldn’t find anyone who was available in such a short space of time. After a bit of research James clapped eyes on custom-made MDF furniture maker Jali. This clever little company offer a snazzy bit of software where we designed our own piece of furniture over the internet. The finished design was then sent off to be cut in the factory and a week or two later we received the flat packed pieces ready for us to construct. Three gigantic boxes arrived complete with all the screws, bolts and fittings to turn the MDF jigsaw into a four-door low cupboard with an internal shelf.

Now if we’d have double checked our measurements and ordered the unit in the correct size I think we could have had the cupboard erected and in place in an hour or two. It took us a while longer than we hoped but when we order again we’ll be more careful with our skirting board measurements.
I have to disclose here that Jali expedited my order free of charge to help keep in line with my four week challenge. However I did pay full price for my wares and was extremely impressed the very sturdy bit of furniture came in at just over £220.
We chose not to have the unit pre-primed and instead primed the new cupboard ourselves and then painted a few coats of Farrow and Ball Cornforth White Estate Emulsion. I’m still on the hunt for hardware to finish off the cabinet but haven’t been too successful so far. I’m in love with School House Electrical’s hexagonal knobs but would have to remortgage to get them sent over from the US.
In other news I’ve also been tracking down the final bits of pieces for the room so had to embark on the obligatory trip to Ikea loading my trolley with a laptop table (more on that hack next week) and grey curtains. As I’m still incapable of using a sewing machine I’ve battled with the wonderweb and finally have two pairs of curtains hung at the windows.

To remind yourself of the #RockMyRoom progress then do cast your eye over our archives and have a gander over on instagram at the hashtag for a collection of your own progress.

How are you getting on with your own four week challenge? Anyone else been adding storage to their home?