I’ve recently joined the world of Instagram (yup, I am EXTREMELY late to this party) and have noticed that despite my love of grey-and-white fashion and interiors, I love taking colourful photos. This may be because as a kid I loved Rainbow Brite, or it may be because when you have a kid your life becomes filled with toys and feeding equipment and clothes in all the primary colours. Hence today’s rainbow-themed links we like.

  • HOW glorious has the weather been this week? It turns out we timed our trip to Cornwall pretty perfectly. The only thing missing from my suitcase was a pair of these H&M multicoloured sandals.
  • I stumbled across Oh Joy, a beaut of a blog, this week. In this article learn how to turn a plain, inexpensive table runner into one of these colouful creations. I’m tempted to try my hand at this, or maybe even some placemats.
  • Have you ever wondered about the history behind a flat lay? Wonder no more.
  • One of the things on my Things-to-do-to-the-house list is to sort out how to display my books in an attractive way. I’m considering arranging them by colour to make them the focal point of my spare bedroom, as shown in Camille Style’s rundown of the ten best home libraries.
  • Another gem from Oh Joy, the prettiest rainbow-inspired floral centrepiece you ever did see.
  • I couldn’t put together a rainbow-themed Links We Like without including a rainbow cake. This recipe, by the lovely Lottie of Rock My Family fame, is one from the RMS archives.

Hope you have a happy, sunny Saturday x