Apologies if you’re waiting for this week’s beauty post. Instead I’ve hijacked the schedule with a home decor post instead. I’ll touch a bit on blush today but that’s more about the colour of the cushions than the stuff you put on your face.

The latest project in the Coleman household is the Master Bedroom. Not content with the grey and white palette in the living room, the same scheme is being extended upstairs. This room is slightly smaller than the other two upstairs bedrooms but we chose this space as the main bedroom thanks to the rather spectacular views over the fields at the back of the house plus it has a gorgeous dual aspect. Dual aspect however means this room has three external walls and thanks to the piddly thin laminate flooring is absolutely freezing.

Please excuse the random piles of washing and suitcases… and the electric blanket control in the above ‘before’ picture. (See I told you this room was freezing). Adam snapped this room in very early January and since then we’ve had the paint brushes out again. We went for exactly the same shade as our previous bedroom; Dulux Trade Supermatt in White. I love the finish of this paint – as the name suggests it’s very, erm, matt. It’s designed to use on newly plastered walls but another interiors blogger recommended it me several years ago to use as a standard paint. I’m smitten with the shade too – a true white – none of the blue of a brilliant white.

As it stands we have a totally blank canvas. A very clean white box crying out to be filled. Imagine my delight when James didn’t even flinch when I mentioned I’d like to add a hint of blush to the space. I figured I had a lot of pink pieces from my old living room and studio which need a new home so quite frankly it’s a good for the wallet if we reuse. I’ve been dusting off my Leigh Viner Cricket print in anticipation.

The Inspiration

Before the copper and blush bits can go in we have the floors and windows to address. I’ll talk more about carpet next week but in the meantime can we talk about curtains? How ruddy expensive are they? I’m on the hunt for a pale grey, thermal lined curtain which doesn’t require me to sell my kidney. Any suggestions are more than welcome.

As all the clothes will be stored in bedroom number two we’ll probably add a simple chest of drawers and bedside tables keeping the furniture to a minimum. Then there’s the bed. We’ve had some unexpected bills to fork out on since we bought the house so the mattress funds have depleted somewhat. We may have to use the teeny double bed from our old house for sometime yet.

Well for the moment that’s the plan. Hopefully in the next few months we’ll be able to have some form of reveal but in the meantime I’ll try to post updates on my Instagram. If you have any curtain or bed recommendations I would love to hear.