I have always been fascinated by essential oils and more holistic therapies. Truth be known I haven’t had a particularly good experience overall, with many “organic” and “natural” products causing the most severe allergic reactions I’ve ever experienced.

Turns out my uber sensitive epidermis much prefers chemicals to calming Lavender, Rosemary extract or anything citrus. I have had some success with a drop or two of certain magic-from-nature though so thought I would share.

When my skin has a meltdown i.e. prune-esque dehydrated but chip pan T-zone with complimentary blocked pores (I usually have one of these hormonal episodes every month) then I really rate adding Jojoba to your cleansing routine.

I use my usual Simply lotion (a very luxe £1.99 at Boots) to remove make-up then gently massage in a 20 pence piece size amount of Jojoba and remove with a warm flannel. The process DEFINITELY improves my skin’s diva strop. I find it balances out oily areas, reduces dryness and generally makes my complexion clearer.

I hear it’s great as a mascara/liner remover specifically but I’m a bit scared to put it near my eye balls. Has anyone else given it a whirl for this purpose?

For mild eczema, dry flaky patches and for when the skin around your peepers appears thin, wrinkly and paper-like (happens) I heartily recommend a teeny drop of Almond oil applied to affected areas. For eyes pat gently around the orbital bone. I wait for it to sink in a bit and then apply my Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair over the top (comes in a ridiculous glass jar but works like nothing else, and I’ve tried everything else).

I’ve had a bottle of Argan oil for a while now – a friend bought it for me as a gift from a trip she took to the States. I am unsure what to do with it to be honest. I know it’s supposed to be amazing for your barnet but as someone who doesn’t even use conditioner, the thought of anything remotely greasy near my locks makes me feel all weird and goose-bumpy. Perhaps I just need to man up and try it out.

What oils do you use? Do you embark on whipping up a skincare storm in your kitchen using all sorts of potions and beautifying wizardry?

If so I probably need to know about it. So please do tell me all of your secrets in the comments box below.