My sister persuaded me to buy what has turned out to be one of the greatest cosmetics items of the year so far. As much as I am, let’s fact it, a make-up junkie…. I don’t tend to invest in luxe products unless they at least appear to a) work wonders b) have amazing packaging c) be portable. The latter being especially important as I fully return from maternity leave and have off-site meetings, photoshoots and promotional events coming out of my ears.

This product is kind of ridiculous. It’s essentially a rather large yet extraordinarily pretty pot of candy coloured….balls. But they are not just any balls, oh no. The combination of pastel hues and shiny bits make your complexion GLOW. And not is a glittery ballroom dancing way, in a “Gee I’m so healthy, I drink 3 litres of water a day…and I’ve just been getting up to no good with someone really hot” way.

The balls (I can see myself repeating this word far to often in this feature, Lord knows what kind of google search traffic it will generate….I digress) Anyway as I was saying, the balls are by Guerlain, they smell like Parma violets and are 100% impractical. They look lush on your dressing table admittedly but won’t fit in your handbag, unless you are ok with a weird bulge…(You know what I said about google traffic?)

Part of the Meteorites range (originally launched in 1987, renowned for creating a radiant complexion) this “Blossom Collection” is specifically targeted at colour correction “mauve to catch the light, pink for youthful glow and yellow to illuminate and counter redness”. Goodness, how very scientific.

I can’t vouch for what each individual ball does per se but what I can tell you is that the “medium” shade does all kinds of wonderful to your mug. My skin is super dry at the moment (I think I’ve probably bored the pants off you all with this fact) so I need products that make me appear dewy not dehydrated. This does that for me – and my sister too whilst simultaneously getting rid of her midday oily T-zone.

I wear it on it’s own with blusher and concealer, my sister wears it over the Guerlain Parure De Lumiere foundation (which incidentally she says is the best base she’s EVER used) and it sets it beautifully with absolutely zero caking.

Here’s the scary bit – these balls are £36. Quite expensive for something you can only apply whilst at home. When my sister and I discovered there is in fact a compact version we were very excited indeed, until we found out it was a hundred and five quid. Then we cried a bit.

Do you have an amazing yet slightly impractical make-up item that you just can’t give up?

What is your make-up item spend limit? I can’t justify £105, no matter how much I love the stuff.

P.S Dear Santa, I have been mostly good this year so if you’re stuck for ideas more lovely balls would be super. As I’m sure you are moving into modern times these days and shopping online you can purchase these at Thanks in advance.