Although you may have seen my house before over on Rock My Wedding we are keen to give you a taste of things to come here on Rock My Style. There’s going to be LOTS of interior chat and tons of inspiration too. Home Tours are my favourite element on other lifestyle blogs because I’m downright nosey and love seeing how other people decorate their homes.

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Our house dates back to the 1850’s and was originally two very teeny shoemakers cottages. About 15 years ago some bright spark had the very clever idea of combining the two houses to create one modest sized home and therefore means we have the very quirky feature of two staircases!

After living in a new build for five years, moving into our Victorian abode with all its period features was a dream come true. We’ve spent nearly three years redecorating and quite a lot has changed since these photos were taken last Summer and posted on RMW. I’m looking forward to sharing a few peeks of the updates with you all very soon.

Our cottage is crammed full of various memorabilia and trinkets; finds from French flea markets, Moroccan bazaars, car boot hauls combined with regular high street buys. I like my home to be informal and individual; preferring to fill it with personally curated pieces rather than buying a whole look in one go. My friends affectionally refer to this process as ’tat’ shopping and we go on tat finding missions frequently.

I am very lucky to have an easy going husband who basically gives me free rein in the house, hence the liberal sprinkling of pink decor and the glitter balls in the bathroom! The easiest way to sum up our overall style though is Rustic Luxe – a lot of reclaimed oak, heaps of texture and a few antique accents. It’s not polished but I do try to make it pretty.

I went on a serious cleaning mission before these photos were taken but rest assured it doesn’t look like this all the time. I am notoriously messy (just ask the lovely Lolly who has experienced my scattergun approach on various RMW shoots). I like my home to be laid back and love people to be relaxed when they come round. I take it as a massive compliment when friends come round and curl up the sofa.

And now over to you. What style of house would you like to see covered in our next home tour?

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{The Particulars}
  • Who: Lauren & James
  • What: Victorian 3 Bed Terraced Cottage
  • Where: Northamptonshire
  • Style: Rustic Luxe