I haven’t been shopping very much at all lately and so everything in this haul post was purchased several months ago. What that does mean is that they really have been put through their paces. Also that the leggings are now on sale (annoying for me, great for you!).

Zara Terez Northern Lights Leggings, £42.95, Yoga Rebel

Knowing my love for yoga and my goal to add a bit of colour to my workout kit, my sister bought me these leggings for my birthday. While they don’t have the suck-you-in qualities of my Lululemon and Nike leggings, they’re a great fit, wash well (although, annoyingly, they’re hand wash) and pair perfectly with all the plain black yoga tanks tops I have (at least three, possibly more…).
You can buy them here

Body Brush, £10, The Body Shop

I read about dry body brushing a while ago but only recently invested in a brush (you need one with a long handle and firm bristles). As well as exfoliating the skin, it’s supposed to speed up detoxification and boost circulation. You’re advised to do it in the morning before you shower, brushing your body in long upwards strokes starting at your feet. I’m a fan, it makes me feel energised (which is probably down to the increased blood flow, apparently) and my skin feels super-soft.
You can buy it here

Hair Rings, £3.75, Invisibobble

Last time I went to the hairdressers, after chopping a good few inches off my hair (rather than going for a long bob aka lob, I went for a very long bob, I’m not sure if we’re calling that a vlob?) and trimming my growing out fringe, which is apparently a thing and, yes, there’s an acronyn, you guessed it, the gringe, my hairdresser asked what I wanted to do about the layers. Now, to my knowledge I didn’t have any layers. We worked out that most likely the bobbles and hair grips I was using to tie my hair up in exercise classes were causing my hair to break off, hence the differing lengths. She advised I look out for bobbles that looked like old fashioned telephone wires and start using those instead. I found these online and have been using them ever since. They took a bit of getting used to as my hair doesn’t feel as tightly in place as it did, but they do the job of keeping it up and out of my way. Over time they have stretched somewhat, so I’m not sure how long they’ll last but, as bobbles usually vanish before they break, I reckon they’ll do fine.
You can buy there here

Organic Lavender Essential Oil, £6.50, Fushi

A bath plus a few drops of this oil equals instant relaxation. I don’t always like lavender scented products but I love the way this oil smells. I really notice a difference in my sleep afterwards, it’s much deeper than usual and I wake up feeling really refreshed. Highly recommend.
You can buy it here

Thug Kitchen The Official Cookbook, £11.89, Amazon

If you don’t like swearing stop reading now, don’t check out the Thug Kitchen website and definitely don’t buy the Thug Kitchen cookbook. Anyone still here? Good, I’ll continue. Thug Kitchen, like most cookbooks these days it seems, started life as a blog. A very sweary vegan blog. As they say it’s the only website dedicated to verbally abusing you into a healthy diet. The book is just as sweary, from the intro, which reads, ‘Welcome to Thug Kitchen, bitches. We’re here to help. We started our website to inspire motherfuckers to eat some goddamn vegetables and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Our motto is simple: Eat Like You Give A Fuck.’ See?! It wouldn’t work if the recipes weren’t really good and the writing wasn’t so funny but it does, because they are and it is. Their message is simple – start cooking from scratch, eat more vegetables and being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. The recipes are really, really tasty. My current fave is the spring veggie bowl with red curry lime sauce. There’s also a really useful list of kitchen tools (weapons of choice) and store cupboard staples (pantry shit). It makes me laugh too. A lot. Which is also good for my health, right?!
You can buy it here

Anyone else bought anything on a health tip lately? Do share below!