I don’t generally make resolutions. They seem to be mostly about stopping doing something you like and/or starting doing something you don’t like, both of which seem destined to fail. So this year I’m setting myself some healthy goals instead. There’re all (apart from one) about adding things to my life that I enjoy and/or I know will make me feel better. Without further ado this year I will…

Cook One New Dish Per Week

I have a (growing) pile of healthy cookbooks but I’m guilty of trying one or two recipes in each that I like and then cooking them over and over again. No more! This year I will work my way through that pile and try at least one new dish a week (I’m also vowing not to add to the pile until I’ve worked my way through, well more of the recipes than I have done so far, despite all the healthy cook books that are launching over the next couple of months). I’m already off to a good start having cooked a delicious dhal on the weekend, with plenty leftover to fuel me for the week ahead. In fact it was so good I might make it again this weekend. Oh dear…

Mix Up My Workout Week

Yoga is my favourite way to workout (it’s one of my favourite ways to spend my time, full stop) but lately I’ve been feeling that I need to work my body a bit harder and in different ways. This past Saturday I went to a cardio yoga class that left me sweaty, red in the face and aching the next day. I loved it and plan to make it a regular date. I’d like to say that I will run once a week but, until Spring makes an appearance, I’m not sure that’s realistic, what I am committing to, in order to get myself moving outdoors is cycling instead of catching the tube for short journeys on sunny days, even when it’s bitter. I know that just a few minutes in I’ll have warmed up. My sister just sent me a link to free exercise classes in our local area. I already love the sound of Skip Fit, a class that combines skipping, boxing and kick boxing. Count. Me. In.

Quit Alcohol For January

I’ve always said that it’s impossible to get through January without at least the odd glass of wine but, after a boozy November celebrating several 40th birthdays including my own, and a very social December, I’ve decided that this year I will give alcohol a miss for the first month of the year. I haven’t found it too hard so far, although I have to admit that drinking sparkling water in the pub on New Year’s Day was a little dull, even with the addition of fresh lime, when everybody else was getting stuck into the wine or beer. I’m predicting it’s going to be harder as the month rolls on, especially as I’m going to be back on the tube for a rush hour commute from Monday.

Read One Inspiring Book Per Month

As much as I enjoy fiction (as I know many of you do too, more news on the RMS book club later this week!) two of the most memorable books I read last year were true stories. 1) Wild, the story of Cheryl Strayed, who was driven to the brink by the death of her mother, the failure of her marriage and her subsequent descent into self-destructive behaviour, before making the decision to turn her life around and walk the Pacific Crest Trail, one of the most arduous in America. 2) I Am Malala, the story of Malala Yousafzai, a teenager who survived being shot by the Taliban on her school bus and has since won the Nobel Peace Prize for her work campaigning for education for all. Reading about other women’s lives, especially when they’ve overcome obstacles, is both fascinating and inspiring. Grace Coddington’s memoir Grace, which I’m currently reading, is completely different, but no less inspirational.

Wear More Colourful Kit

OK, so this one is a bit frivolous but, while I love to see other people rocking colourful workout kit in cheery shades like turquoise, yellow and hot pink, the majority of my yoga and running kit is either black (around 95%) or grey (the other 5%). And sometimes it makes me feel a bit, well, gloomy, particularly on dark, dreary mornings. The sportswear section at H&M has some very desirable happy-making colourful buys for very good prices including the running top (£12.99) and sports bra (£9.99) above. I’m a bit confused as to why anyone would want a push-up sports bra though…

Have you set any healthy goals for yourself this year? Anyone else going alcohol free for January? Am I the only one guilty of buying cookbooks and then making the same dish over and over again? Tried or planning to try any new ways to workout? Read any inspirational true stories you think I would like? Do share!