As part of my ongoing outdoor project, I’ve spent a LOT of time researching garden design and styling, planting formations and even fences. Yes it’s riveting over at my house at the moment. Needless to say I’ve gathered a huge amount of outdoor inspiration recently. After pouring over image after image I’ve noticed some things in particular are getting rather fashionable, hence today’s feature.


Adding castors to a planter is a genius idea if you ask me. Moveable plants can be wheeled into the shade if they’ve had too much sun and manoeuvred back out if they need more light. Wheels definitely add to an industrial vibe too which continues to be popular in garden design.

Dark Backdrops

For a contemporary look, a dark grey or black fence is where it’s at. I’ve spoken before about my appreciation for Sarah Sherman Samuel’s design aesthetic and her recent backyard makeover didn’t disappoint. Using the coolest of colours, she’s created a contemporary yet cozy spot to relax in.
The vibrant russets and reds look really powerful against the dark backdrop, however I love how luscious even the most simple of green foliage can look against a slate grey background. For a similar look on your own fence try Cuprinal Urban Slate Stain.

Horizontal Fences

If the darkest of greys and blacks is just too moody then consider a lighter shade for your fence. One things for sure though the hippest of garden fences have slim horizontal slats rather than vertical ones. After removing the trees from my own garden (more news to follow in a couple of weeks), we’ve found the fence is in dire need of replacement. I am very tempted by a sleek and slim slatted substitute like these ones via Rural Promo and Remodelista.

Vertical Living Walls

Vertical living wall installations have been a popular design statement for several years now. Think Anthroplogie’s Regent Street Store (and if you live in Sheffield, think M&S at the bottom of Ecclesall Road) but they are now moving in to residential spaces. No doubt the impressive living wall of succulents from The Felted Fox wasn’t the cheapest of back yard updates but it makes a real impact.
I’m loving the idea of a wall of herbs (which look far more than healthy than anything I’ve ever grown) or for a lower cost version you could recycle a pallet and grow your own.

Columnar Trees

In my January garden post I mentioned how I had taken a fancy to columnar trees for my own courtyard. Ideal for smaller spaces these thin stemmed yet bushy trees allow for privacy. I’ve been looking into the possibility of pleached trees too. This technique trains the tree to create a neat hedge or wall screening allowing for space for planting underneath so again a great idea for a small space. How tranquil (and neat) does the tree formation from House of Arch look? Pool entirely optional.

What else seems to be popular in the gardening world? Any trends you’ll be trying?