It’s extraordinary, the amount of make-up I um…own. It’s no secret I love cosmetics and I like to discover new and amazing products that I then wear according to the occasion, my mood or time constraints.

Recently I’ve been reaching for the same eight items on a pretty much daily basis, I need products that I know will apply quickly, look natural yet polished, and not dry out my sensitive skin. I thought I’d share these current must-haves today, mainly because I want to know what YOU wear on your face for the majority of the time. If you could list them in the comments section below we can all have a make-up mega chat!

You will notice quite a few bits and bobs I’ve raved about before as well as a few items I may have kept on the down low. Sometimes I actually like folks to think I was in fact born with it. Pa ha hahaha.

Skin wise, after layering on the heavy duty moisturiser, I add a bit of Clinique Pore Refining Solutions to the cheek area near to my nose and any patches that look a tad un-refined as it were. I use shade “invisible light” which is colourless. I then sweep a big brush loaded with the glow-giving Guerlain Meteorites colour correcting balls over the top which you can read about here.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush On Glow can’t be beaten for reducing redness and covering under eye circles. If they ever discontinued this product I would actually cry.

For cheeks I use a peachy pink blush from Shu Uemura (apologies, it doesn’t have the exact shade reference written on the package) – it’s extremely sheer yet gives you a bit of the much coveted “One has just power walked for five miles to pick up this weeks organic produce!” type of look.

Talking of Shu Uemura, I use the magnificent eyeliner pen which I mentioned a few weeks ago, it creates a thin yet defined line in literally a jiffy. All over my lids and sometimes a swoosh underneath my lower lash line (great to make you look more awake when you feel anything but) I use Urban Decay eyeshadow in Blunt. A kind of pale gold. It glides on like silk and has a pleasing sheeny finish.

Lash wise I can’t get enough of Dolce & Gabbana Secret Eyes, which I’ve used on and off for years now. It’s not as “Wow” as my Max Factor Clump Defy, neither as feathery and bargainous as the Natural Collection Lash Length but it gives you a VERY clean and “is she wearing mascara?!” finish. Plus it’s very black. And doesn’t smudge. The brush is super soft and flexible too so you don’t have to be so precise when time is limited (also see – doesn’t hurt as much when you poke yourself in the eyeball)

For ease most days I reach for the Bobbi Brown lipgloss in Bright Pink that I mentioned in my September Beauty Haul, it’s moisturising and has enough colour to appear pretty yet not so much you can’t apply without a mirror.

So then, go on tell me (please? pretty please with cherries on top?) what make-up you are actually wearing RIGHT NOW. I would love to know.