For me one of life’s little pleasures is a vase full of flowers. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to have a house full but more often than not it’s just a couple of bunches from the supermarket.

The thing is when it comes to blooms, one size definitely doesn’t fit all and I like to have a few different sizes, types and styles in my cupboard.

Medium Size Glass

First up, the medium sized glass jar. Mine is 26cm tall and I use it a lot, particularly if I’m luckily enough to get a florist bought bouquet with longer stems as a gift.
I bought mine on my first trip to Sunbury Antiques Market at Kempton Park Racecourse and so it holds good memories of trudging about in the rain. I think mine was about £12 and the ones in stores seem to be more expensive however on a cost per usage basis I must be down to a couple of pence now.

Glass vase on table

Smallish Jug

I can’t find a photo of this jug in use so you’ll have to settle for an image of it in my kitchen cabinet. (It’s on the second shelf down on the right hand side). It’s one that I probably use more in the Spring at 18 cm tall it’s the perfect height for tulips and daffodils. It has a wider lip on in so I often need two bunches of flowers in there to properly fill it but when they’re as cheap as they are at the moment it’s fine.
I bought it from San Miguel Market in Madrid where we spent all day sipping White Rioja so it’s a miracle it make it home in one piece.

Pendant Lights and Kitchen Cupboard

An Opaque Vase

I’ve mentioned before I’m a fan of faking it. Often the tell-tale sign of a fake floral is the stem so an opaque vase is a must for hiding them. This vase I’m showing here is currently filled with real eucalyptus but I’ve used it lots of times with fake blooms. This galvanised jug measures 26cm and was bought from Swallows and Damsons in Sheffield but I have two others (one larger and one smaller) that I found in Home Sense.
Galvanised Jug in Bathroom

Milk Bottles

I bought these milk bottles originally when we threw a surprise 80th for James’ Grandma. We hired out a restaurant and had two tables which were united by loads of bottles laden with tulips. I have them in use constantly, usually with supermarket roses and a bit of foliage from the garden. As they’re only about 12cm tall you can use short stems with them so great if you have a bit of a casualty with your bouquet and needed a shorter vessel. Milk Bottle Vase and Zebra Picture

Bud Vases

Even shorter than the milk bottles I also think it’s really handy to have a super short set of bud vases. I’ve got a few from H&M but I also use a few Hendricks miniature bottles as well as a really tiny set I found in Wimbledon Village last year. The smallest one I have is only about 5cm tall and it’s perfect for delicate pickings and fallen heads.
Bud vase on a shelf

Any other vase types or styles that you have in your selection? What do you like to display your blooms in?

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  • NOTHS Milk Bottle Vase
    NOTHS Mini Milk Bottle Vase
  • Sophie Conran Pitcher
    Sophie Conran Pitcher
  • Cox and Cox Glass Vase
    Cox and Cox Glass Vase
  • Waitrose Galvanised Jug
    Waitrose Galvanised Jug
  • H&M Bud Vases
    H&M Bud Vases