I’ve vowed not to do any DIY in the last few weeks before Christmas. I’m going to be sipping prosecco with my nearest and dearest not painting the kitchen like I was last year. However there are a couple of areas around the house that could do with a tarting up a little. Not major renovations just a few hours to spruce up and tick off the to-do list. Enter the #FinishInFall project.

The Concept

Becky and I were discussing this concept a couple of weeks ago and wondered if any of you fancied joining in too? The idea is just to take one small corner of your home and carve out a couple of hours over the next month to give it a makeover, finishing before the winter begins in December. You are obviously more than welcome to do a full room remodel (like our Rock My Room project) but I’m sure most of us are in hibernation state and/or Christmas shopping mode so we don’t have the time or inclination to take on a big project.

My Challenge

On my to-do list is sorting out the spare room which we both use as a dressing room too. I’ve mentioned this space several times on these pages; it’s the one I lost my decorating mojo to and I have no affection for the room whatsoever. The first header image is the one side of the area that’s completed but as you can see from the second image in the slider gallery the rest of it is very unloved. Generally I close the door and hope some pixies will transform it into some glam meets boho chic kind of pad. However the fairies seem to be held up somewhere so it looks like I’m going to have to put my own wings on and pull my finger out particularly when it comes to the two chests of drawers in here.

It’s obviously not a big job but since we put together the Ikea furniture 18 months ago I’ve really struggled with what to put on top and so they’ve just become home to left over toiletries, washing and discarded photographs. There’s a teeny gap above the tallest chest before the roof begins to slope so it makes it awkward to work out what to nestle on the surface. Should I put any pictures on the wall here or just prop a few trinkets and be done with it?
After Lisa’s recent post I bought the gold M&S Mirror to hang above the smaller chest of drawers and plan to get some custom mounts made to fill a few gold frames. I need a lamp and maybe a couple of trays to corral together a few bits and pieces. I’m also desperately in need of a new chic laundry basket which is harder to find than it sounds! I’m hoping it’ll look like the apartment of With Love From Kat in no time.

I’m sure I could have this nailed with an internet ordering session and half an hour of faffing but it’s just another thing I keep putting off.

What small decor or DIY project have you been delaying for weeks on end? Does anyone else have a few hours to spare to smarten up one bit of their house? Maybe you need a nudge to finally paint some furniture, order some art or put up some photo frames? Do share if you’re going to join in and hopefully we can all play along on Instagram Stories. I’m looking forward to hearing what you plan to tackle.