Add florals to a china teacup
Take flower heads and display in a cocktail glass for an easy arrangement
Use a decanter instead of a standard bottle
Add feathers, ferns and other foliage to your stem displays

Easy Flower Arrangements with Waterford Crystal

Author: Lauren Coleman

When we launched nearly two years ago we featured a post on making the most of your supermarket flowers. It seemed high time we published an update to this piece providing a few more ideas to jazz up a bog standard bunch of fleurs and this time we’ve teamed up with the lovely folk over at Waterford Crystal. With the dank and dark days of January and February ahead what could be more pleasant than bringing in the fresh scent of florals in to your home?

Storm in a teacup

Take a beautiful china teacup such as the very delicate polka dot Wedgwood teacup and around six or seven stems. We used roses and my spring favourite, ranunculus. Keep the stems short (just slightly longer than the height of the teacup) and then take one flower in your hand. Then take each individual stem in turn and position around the central flower to make a small posy. Add water to the cup and then position your little arrangement inside.

Fill your glasses

Anyone opting for a Dry January? Put your disused cocktail glasses to good use with super quick display. This look is perfect if you get your blooms home and realise you have some decapitated flower heads. Simply remove the head of the flower and position in water in your favourite glass.

The unexpected

I love using jam jars, milk bottles and everyday objects as vessels but how adorable does a rose look slotted into a decanter? Just the thing to jazz up your bar cart if the alcohol stocks are running low thanks to a bit of Christmas excess.

Another dimension

One thing I’ve started to do is add another dimension to my single stem arrangements. I like to add a sprig of eucalyptus or a fern or two into my little displays however my new favourite is inserting a couple of feathers. These ones were supplied by the very lovely Ruby and the Wolf, so nip into your local florist to get something similar. Alternatively check out Hobbycraft or keep an eye out for discarded feathers next time you’re enjoying a bit of nature.

How are you displaying your florals? What’s your favourite flowers this time of year?

This post has been produced in collaboration with Waterford Crystal. For more inspiration from Live. Love. Toast. explore the new site.


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Flowers provided by Ruby and The Wolf | Vessels from Waterford Crystal

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6 thoughts on “Easy Flower Arrangements with Waterford Crystal

  1. Those ideas and “vases” look so pretty! Why doesn’t one think of that? Well I usually don’t and then I see something as easy and beautiful on here and realise I really could use my glassware more!

  2. I have a really narrow mantle piece in our dining room which is too small for bigger vases, teacups etc, so I like to line up a row of shot glasses with a single flower in each.. Obviously this also allows easy access to the glasses if emergency shots are required!

  3. I love flowers in teacups but for some reason I always forget, I’m definitely getting out my vintage china for some Spring blooms! x

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