A funny thing happened on 1st January. Nearly everyone I know – or at least that’s how it seemed from my Twitter and Facebook feeds – stopped drinking, swapping red wine for green juice, and late nights in bars for early morning runs.
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Turns out they’d all signed up for Dryathlon, committing to give up alcohol for the month of January in order to raise money for Cancer Research. Kind of like Movember but women can join in too, moustache-growing being one of the few things we can’t do.

I didn’t sign up this year but, having witnessed how glowing with health my Dryathlete friends have looked all month, not to mention how much money they’ve saved (and raised) by not drinking, I’m seriously considering doing Dryathlon 2015.

Here at Rock My Style HQ we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the end of Dryathlon than with a classic cocktail and they don’t get much more classic than an Old Fashioned, traditionally a mixture of water, whiskey, sugar and bitters.

My friend Charlie always orders one as his first drink when he goes to a new bar, as a kind of test as to whether it’s an establishment worth spending the rest of the evening in. It’s Don Draper’s cocktail of choice, and there’s a man (albeit fictional) who knows a thing or two about alcohol. It’s our Adam’s favourite drink too. And he’s willing to share his tried-and-tested recipe with you. He’s nice like that. Cheers!

Did you do Dryathlon 2014? How are you planning to celebrate the end of Dryathlon tomorrow? And what’s your favourite cocktail? Do share.[/ezcol_2third]

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{Old Fashioned}

Cocktails don’t need a list of ingredients as along as your arm. An old fashioned pulls focus on the spirit. Traditionally it’s Bourbon but substitute for your dark spirit of choice. Rum works well.

  • 60ml bourbon
  • Soda water
  • Angostura bitters
  • Sugar cube
  • Ice

Dowse your sugar cube with a few splashes of the bitters and drop into a glass. Add a little soda and a few cubes of ice and add your dark spirit. Stir slowly until the sugar dissolves. Drink.