We’re more than half way through October, November is in sight and then, well, it’s not long until You Know What (shh, nobody mention the C word). How the heck did that happen? I’m determined to the make the most of the rest of the year, planning, streamlining and, horse riding, yep, my way towards 2016…

Set Goals & Send Cards

As we get increasingly dependent on tech my love for stationery just gets deeper. Not much beats the thrilling possibility of cracking open a new notebook (just me?!) because this might be the one in which I write the outline for my best selling novel, jot down the plan for a brilliant business venture, or maybe just write some really great to do lists. And what is lovelier than receiving a handwritten note through the post? Exactly. Having missed several birthdays this year, I’m aiming to keep a stack of cards to hand ready for every eventuality. The lovely stationery above is mostly from Berin Made (check out the Christmas cards, just, wow), with the exception of the Desktop Quotes cards, which are from the Indigo range by textile designer Lena Corwin at Abrams & Chronicle books.

Kondo The Crap Out Of My Life

My default mode has always tended towards the last minute, but thanks to Marie Kondo I’m embracing being organised. After streamlining my wardrobe I’ve started on my inboxes (yep, I have multiple inboxes, a personal one that gets used for work too, one for Rock My Style, another one for the freelance day job, and another one, just, you know, as a spare – all four receive many, many emails every day). Between them there are over 3500 emails just sitting there. Some read. Some not read. Some important. Some couldn’t be less important. How did I get here? I’ve been busy deleting, filing and unsubscribing. I’ve still got a way to go, but inboxes, consider yourself owned. Books, magazines, papers, kitchenalia, I’m coming for you next.

Get Out Of Town

I love London but everyone needs a break from the places/people/things they love every now and again and I haven’t left London nearly enough this year, heck, I’ve only made it to West London a couple of times and as for South London, I’m not even sure if it’s still there. I’m yet to make it to Hastings to visit my friend who moved there this summer (Susie, if you’re reading, I’ll be in touch shortly to book myself in for a visit!). My passport expired in mid July so I’ve been unable to leave the country but, with a Boxing Day flight to Goa and two weeks of yoga booked, this needs sorting out ASAP. I’ve made an appointment at the passport office, there’s just the minor matter of getting a passport picture that looks less mugshot, more, well, like me. Any tips?!

Do All Those Niggly Jobs Around The House

Having spent more time than usual in my flat this past week I’ve really noticed all the things that need doing, you know the kind of things that often don’t get done until you’re getting your house ready to sell. There are pictures that need hanging, walls that need a fresh coat of paint, flooring that needs replacing, and so it goes. I’ve got someone coming around about the flooring this week, so that’s a start (I’m not gifted when it comes to DIY, get someone in is more my style).

Do More Of The Stuff I Love

On Friday I went horseriding, a present that my sister bought me for my birthday that has taken me nearly a year to use. I’ll admit I gulped when I was shown my horse, Guinness, because he was so tall I couldn’t imagine how I would get on him, let alone stay there. But as my teacher took me through all the saddle and bridle checks and then had me walk, trot (sitting AND rising) and, finally, canter, my body and brain slowly started to remember what to do and it wasn’t long before I was thoroughly enjoying myself. It’s so important to make time to do the things you love, learn new things, or relearn old things, because after all, if you loved them before, you probably will again. Taking time out is something I haven’t done enough of this year, especially as I’ve swapped several yoga classes a week for cardio classes, often involving punching or kicking things, brilliant exercise but not exactly relaxing. I promise to treat myself to a massage before the end of the year, as a birthday gift to self!

I’m going to be writing less frequently for Rock My Style from today. Thank you for reading, commenting, and for all the brilliant advice! As the card above says, you rock and, instead of goodbye, I’ll just say see you soon. xxx