Does it work? What is it supposed to do exactly? Do you really need to use a separate eye cream to your regular moisturiser? Which eye cream is the best? Where and when should you apply eye cream?!

So many questions…and I’m hoping many of you can pitch in with your thoughts and experiences. I am personally a big eye cream advocate, I say cream really I should say product – there are a wide variety of lotions, serums and balms available too. As I suffer from very dry skin I have used a specific eye moisturiser since I was 19, yes I know…A LONG TIME. But my concealer/make-up always goes on much better, lasts longer and I would say my lines are not terribly apparent. Whether that’s down to the dedication of years applying “preventative” measures, luck of the gene pool or a combination of both I guess I’ll never know.

I began my teenage adventures in peeper maintenance with an amazing super light product from Origins, it had some kind of magic mushroom extra in it supposedly. Regardless of the radical claims of the ingredient list it was perfect, and then a few years later they discontinued it. Ruddy typical.

Since then I’ve tried all manner of pots and pumps and it’s only fairly recently that I’ve discovered what I believe might be a best friend for life. The main issues I’ve had with eye creams is that they either react and cause unsightly redness or flare ups, they actually make my skin drier (I notice this with anything “anti-aging” in particular) or they are so goopy, anything you put on top creases or slides off.

My husband once treated me to a consultation with a very highly regarded dermatologist around about the time I turned thirty – I wanted a kind of skincare regime overhaul/recommendations for exactly what I should be using as my collagen supplies allegedly took a run for the hills and all manner of wrinkles and pigmentation issues were banging on the proverbial door.

The dermatologist’s thoughts were that all that was really needed was… vaseline. Yep you read that right. VASELINE. She said you essentially just need a little ahem, lubrication. Dab some on sparingly before you catch some Z’s and voila apparently. This is all good and well and cheap, but personally, I need something I can use in the mornings before my Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush On Glow BB concealer pen gets a thorough swiping over dark shadows. And petroleum jelly is just going to create a full on shiny/smudgy situation isn’t it?

For the last few years I have been a fan of Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Repair Cream (currently 10% off at John Lewis) and in the colder months it’s a life saver – particularly over night when the central heating is turning your epidermis into the Sahara. But it is potent – a little goes a long way. You need considerable sinking-in time if you are to apply any kind of cosmetics on top. And if like me you simply can’t afford the luxury of lounging around waiting (small people will do that to you) then you may want to give it a miss for the AM.

I read a review for Vichy Aqualia Awakening Eye Balm in some magazine or other whilst waiting for a prescription at the Doctors. It sounded ideal – velvety in texture, quickly absorbed and very hydrating. Not to mention the fact it’s free from parabens and perfume.

It’s certainly lived up to it’s claims for me, I love it. £15 for 15ml isn’t exactly a bargain but significantly less than luxe brands and Boots often have 3 for 2 on various skincare ranges, I notice Vichy is usually in the mix. The noticeable results have been improved hydration (which I believe makes everything more youthful looking in itself) a definite “brightening” effect and an increase in the longevity of my concealer.

In terms of application I pat/tap a teeny amount along the orbital bone from the inner corner to the outer corner towards the hairline, I’ve always heard you shouldn’t rub/drag as the skin is so thin and delicate. Too near your eye ball and well…it’s going to be rather uncomfortable. I don’t make a habit of applying it to my eyelids as when I’ve done so in the past, they have gone a little puffy. There is a great application technique GIF on The Cut if what I have tried to explain doesn’t quite make sense.

When the area around my eyes is having a real flaky day (happens) then I reach for my wonder salve – Lansinoh HPA Lanolin Cream and apply a minute amount to any rough patches with a cotton bud. Only over night of course – but it really works.

There are so many eye creams on the market, making all sorts of radical claims. Promising to diminish fine lines, completely eradicate bags, lift (!) and give you 8 hours sleep in a bottle….I would love to know if any of you have witnessed these kinds of effects.

Do you use an eye cream? Do you use your regular moisturiser as an eye cream? (I tried this but as mentioned before, it seems a little heavy and makes me slightly swollen, my Aveeno is ok but takes a while to sink in ) have you ever had a serious reaction/wasted your hard earned cash for a pot of posh that was completely useless?

Do you just use vaseline?!

Please do share in the comments box below!