Okay so this is blatantly the cheats way to calligraphy. I started preparing for this before my post about upgrading my handwriting so I apologise that the result above has been achieved by a bit of tomfoolery.

A few weeks ago I helped with the planning of a friend’s hen party. I think we all know when girls get together and the wine starts flowing it becomes nearly impossible to keep track of your glass. Has anyone ever cleared up after a party and wondered how the hell certain glassware has made it to certain locations? It’s not alway appropriate to start sipping from someone else’s flute, especially when you’ve just met them, hence the idea for personalised glasses was born.

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{You will need}
  • Names of each guest printed in desired font. We used Bombshell Pro.
  • Thin nibbed liquid chalk pen
  • Glassware
  • Washi tape
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    1. After printing out a list of your guests, take each individual name and secure to the inside with washi tape
    2. Use the chalk pen to trace over the outline of the name
    3. Go back over the downstrokes of the name making these slightly thicker to emulate calligraphy
    4. Leave to dry and then fill the glass with your chosen drink

    Using chalk pen makes this a one-use only affair, although liquid chalk on plastic is far more durable than on glass so I also decided to add a bit of customisation to my M&S drinks dispenser too. I specifically used this idea on champagne flutes as guests are more inclined to hold by the stem and so your handiwork is less likely to smudge.
    Anyone hosting a barbecue this weekend or planning some outdoor entertaining in the upcoming heatwave? Why not make your guests feel extra special with their very own glass?