This summer I had my first experience of a print and copy shop. For some reason I had always been thoroughly daunted by these types of places convinced they’d want to charge me a £20 for an A4 print out. As it happens I had a jolly good time in the store with some lovely, very knowledgeable chaps and I even found myself behind the counter. (I was high on pre-nup excitement helping a friend out with some wedding DIY).

So why am I telling you this story? Well today’s DIY is very simple. It’s unlikely you’ll forget what side of the bed you sleep on but if you’ve ever fancied a smart bit of art for your bedside table then you’re in luck. You just need to download our free pdf and print it out. Most of us don’t have an A3 printer so for such services you may need to go to your local copy shop. If like me, you’re intimidated by this then I hope my tale reminds you not to be.
Alternatively, you can also print out on a standard A4 printer and they would look smashing too. As always Ikea is a good shout for frames but I found my A3 black ones at The Range for just a fiver.
For the free and single folk there’s also a ‘Miss’ as a well as ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’. You’re welcome.