When it comes to getting my five a day I’m more of a veg kind of girl. However florals sprouting out the top of a potato would look a little odd so hopefully you’ll agree that using fruit to create a centrepiece can look really rather special. All three of these ideas can be whipped up in no time and are sure to add a bit of pizazz to either an indoor or outdoor summer table.


It’s no secret that the pineapple is a Rock My Style favourite. This spiky specimen was created by chopping off the top of the fruit, carving up the flesh inside and scooping out the middle. I discovered that pineapples aren’t waterproof so ideally add in a small bowl or cup in to the bottom of the hollowed out fruit. Use a selection of short, vibrant and pouffy type stems (such as peonies and roses) in ultra vibrant shades to get this tropical look.


For this little creation you’ll need two vases; one needs to be slightly smaller to slot inside the other. Simply grab a few lemons and limes and cut them into thin slices. Once the smaller vessel is placed inside the larger one, take the fruit slices and sandwich them in-between the two layers of glass. Fill with water and add in a bunch of medium stems such as old English roses, scabiosa, delphiniums and dahlias.
Apparently adding lemon to the water can help reduce fungi buildup and the sugar encourages the buds to open so your flowers will hopefully look more impressive for longer.


My little strawberry plant didn’t seem to like the long drive to our shoot so looks a little bit worse for wear. However I love the idea of taking a fruit plant and repotting it into a jug or teapot for example to add a vibrant splash of colour to a table.

Our flowers were supplied by Emily from Emily Wisher and are also used in the upcoming Rock My Wedding Magazine (yes folks, there’s an online magazine to throw into the Rock My mix). For this post I wanted to showcase how you can use fruit in your arrangements but please drop us a comment if you’re interested in tutorials and ideas for arranging flowers and we’ll see what we can do.

Have you been getting fruity with any floral arrangements recently? What edibles do you like to use? As well as the fruits used in our centrepieces, sliced grapefruit, cranberries or whole apples could also look great in the bottom of a large glass vase. What do you think?