Yes. I have just admitted to the nation that I think I have a rather nice backside. Does this surprise you – in a “Wow, she’s a bit big for her boots!” way or perhaps in terms of “Gosh ….folks don’t admit what they like about themselves much do they!” way.

This feature came about last week when I was waxing lyrical about the benefit of wearing fixed braces on my teeth. I didn’t think twice about proudly showing off my pearly whites, after all, I’ve gone through a good few years of sore gums and a significant wad of cash to achieve my smile. Did that therefore give me the right to admit I was happy with part of my anatomy? Because I’d had to really work for it?

I could tell you a lot about the things I don’t love about my physical appearance but that would be dull. And somewhat predictable. Besides, since my body did something as amazing as grow an entire human I figured I should stop giving myself a hard time about the aspects I’m not a huge fan of and embrace the parts that are A-ok.

Which brings me back to my bum. It’s quite cute – it’s been compared to a “shelf” before but I choose to take that as a compliment. You could also say that it might be perhaps a little bit out of proportion with my petite frame (I sometimes have to squeeze it into otherwise well fitting jeans) but it’s pert and roundish and makes me feel feminine. I have by no means the perfect posterior, that belongs to Charlotte Church or um…Carol Vorderman? I’m sure they have both been crowned “rear of year” at some point or other. But it’s mine. And I like it.

Will I all of a sudden stop worrying about returning to my pre-pregnancy self anytime soon? probably not, but I am making a concerted effort to focus on far more important stuff.

What part of yourself do you love and why? Go on, share in the comments section below, DARE YOU.

As you read this, and in honour of your lovely arms/glossy locks/strong thighs/beautiful feet I shall be proudly sashaying my booty through the streets of London in a new pair of short shorts. I may not be Kylie Minogue but I am Charlotte O’Shea and you know what? I have a nice bum.