The internet has entered into some kind of cleaning mania of late. It seems we can’t get enough of watching how other folk are cleaning their homes and the shops apparently can’t keep on top of the demand for cleaning products! While some obsessions could be deemed unhealthy, I think that getting motivated about keeping your space clean and finding something that helps you stay on top of the neverending household chores is one of the more productive things to take interest in (as opposed to my own obsession with watching endless Youtuber daily vlogs – seriously it’s folk just sitting at their desk or tipping about London – but why am I still watching?!).

Lauren has been following the phenomenon that is @MrsHinchHome from the early days (waaaay pre-her current million followers!) and since buying our house, I’ve had great success following Gemma from The Organised Mum Method’s cleaning routine.

While I try to stick to natural cleaning products as much as possible, I do rely on a few cleaning gadgets to help me stay motivated and to make the two-kid-evening-cleanup as swift as possible… So I can sit on my bum and eat banoffee pie (or whatever sugar fix I’m on that night).

I am firmly in Team Shark. I have the Shark Cordless DuoClean Vacuum with Flexology and I am in love. I’ll admit that I’ve always been crap at housework and hoovering in particular. The thought of lugging out the hoover, plugging it in and strategically reaching each part of the house was enough to put me off doing it. Since convincing Gavin that we NEEDED a cordless Hoover (he was sceptical about the spendy purchase to say the least, but has since conceded that it was an excellent choice), my floors are more often than not spotless. And sometimes I actually walk around looking for something that needs the Shark’s attention. I know that there is also a lot of love in Team Dyson, but the reason I opted for the Shark is because of the two batteries. It gives me tons of hoover time and a backup should I forget to chuck the current battery on the dock (which is pretty much all of the time).

We have lovely window cleaner called Paul who cleans the outside of our windows fortnightly. To keep the insides of the windows (and mirrors) equally pristine, I swear by the Karcher window vac. Little to no elbow grease required. You just wipe down the surface with a cloth then use the squeegee/vacuum and voila!! Crystal clear. I have a guy coming to quote us for some work on our bathroom tomorrow and while cleaning my bath, caught sight of my tiles in the sunlight. They really are quite embarrassing. Admittedly, my mother-in-law lives across the street and up until now, I’ve been nicking her Karcher. But looking at those tiles, I think it’s time I bought my own.

Ok so this next one isn’t exactly a cleaning gadget. But I think the smell of a home has such a huge influence over how you feel when you walk in. I’m not a fan of burning paraffin wax based candles, and buying fancy natural candles can get a bit expensive. So I decided to opt for this Essential Oil Diffuser and some natural essential oils. I like that I have a medley of scents I can mix up depending on my mood or the time of year. Plus it makes me feel a bit like I did when I was a little girl and poured all my mums lotions and potions into the bathroom sink to make ‘spells’ (sorry mum). My current favourite Autumn mix is pine, lavender and patchouli. And having the subtle glow of colours at night is also really relaxing.

So there you have it, my three current favourite cleaning essentials. I remember the amount of love on the blog for heated airers when Charlotte posted about utility room essentials. So I think that’s next on my purchase list. What do you consider cleaning essentials in your house? Any on your wishlist?

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