We decided to give up our HQ in March last year. Mabel was due any day and I would be taking a few months off, Adam was moving to Cheltenham and three other members of the Rock My team live in London, Cornwall, Birmingham and Northampton respectively. It no longer made sense for us to all endeavour to be in one place.

That’s the beauty of running an online business though, you can be any place – providing there’s Wifi! And as we no longer see each other quite as often we have become far more organised in terms of regular meetings that come complete with agendas, minutes, specific allocated tasks and future planning. Who knew all those years ago when we were writing posts at 3am to be posted at 7am that one day we would become so business like?

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I wasn’t looking looking forward to working from home, I’ve tried it before and found it lonely and thus demotivating. But it was a long time ago, and I wasn’t working for myself at the time.

It was really important that I created the right environment, that my “work space” was separate to my “home space” as much as possible. I also wanted an area that felt spacious and organised yet still reflected my personal style. As you may have read some months ago, I decided to actually transform the guest bedroom into my home office area, it just made sense.

A lot of my day-to-day job involves an unorthadox amount of feminine pretty, that’s what happens when you are immersed in the beautiful world of weddings! and don’t get me wrong, I love a splash of peach and blush pink as much as the next person, I just prefer more industrial stripped-back and I guess you could say masculine (?) decor when it comes to interiors.

Turns out I’m rather partial to dirty copper, grey and white. And more white. I’m also strangely attracted to battered metal mixed with wood.

Due to the rather awkward shape and size of our master bedroom (makeover coming next week!) there is no room for a dressing table and/or really anywhere to get ready. I therefore incorporated a “beauty trolley” (make-up, jewellery, hair products) and a full length mirror into my office space. It seems rather self indulgent but I love it.

The key to maintaining the spacious/organised feel is storage, storage and more storage. My husband built me a generous walk-in cupboard which hosts anything from accounts to press coverage to props for shoots (you can see the door to the right of the trolley – there are steps from it up to the loft). I also have a set of amazing metal trunks that I use as a coffee table but also keeps all of my less attractive (yet necessary) paraphernalia out of sight.

I use my big screen for any of the work I do that involves imagery/design so I sit at my desk for nearly all of my Rock My Wedding features and social media responsibilities. For the writing element I sometimes just like to park myself on the sofa with my laptop and a cup of tea….maybe a digestive (or two.)

I had grand ideas for all of these fancy accessories and expertly placed “bits and pieces” around and about the place, much like the beautifully styled work spaces you see so often on Pinterest. When it came down to it everything I added I almost immediately took away again, it just felt like….clutter. Unnecessary ‘stuff”. I find I can easily mix up the colour scheme/look with different blooms anyway, it’s amazing what different a splash of the aforementioned blush pink can do.

My current favourite piece of typography artwork is the “She believed she could so she did” monochrome print by Jasmine Dowling, there are so many inspiration quotes out there you could literally create wallpaper but this is the one that resonates the most with me.

Besides, if you don’t believe in yourself then how can you expect anyone else to?

Do you work from home? Do you have a designated home work office/space?

How do you find working from home?

Any useful storage tips?

Do you ever have a bit of a re-syle with a few cushions and flowers?

Please feel free to ask anything I’ve inevitably forgotten to include in the comments section below, and if you like this kind of more personal decor feature do let us know, we’ll do our best to feature more!

P.S There are a few more images in the gallery below if you fancy a peek.


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Where To Buy

Sofa and Storage Trunks: These were from Made.com, I sign up to their newsletter for their flash sales – I’ve recently bought a lush copper clock for the hallway that was only thirty quid.

Desk: This is actually a trestle table from French Connection Home, I wanted something long but with less depth to create more space.

Copper Chair: This is from Cult Furniture and is strangely comfortable. Although it can be a tad chilly on your backside first thing in the morning.

Trolley: Cox and Cox, the grey boxes are from H&M, the others are a mixture of vintage/salvage finds, The Vintage Wall is worth a butchers for similar pieces.

Studio Light: Rocket St George, I LOVE their store. I’m not a huge fan of red as a rule but for whatever reason this almost burgundy hue works well with my obvious love affair with rust.

Mirrors: I have coveted the grey full length version for what seems like forever. It’s from Brissi, I finally caved when they had 30% off in November last year. The piece on my trolley is actually a reclaimed window, Lauren C kindly found it for me from Sugden and Daughters, a salvage/up-cycle vintage store.

Cushion and Typoraphy Art: Both from Jasmine Dowling who I discovered via instagram. I love the hand written scrawl style.

Candle: I MUST mention the candle! My husband bought me this from Anthropologie, it’s £16 which is less than half the price of Jo Malone, Diptique et al yet smells AMAZING. It completely scents the entire room with delicious spicy pumpkin-ness.