There are a lot of positives to the capsule wardrobe but one thing I’ve really struggled with is the planning ahead piece.

Based on the principles observed by minimalist wardrobe expert Caroline of Un-Fancy fame, the seasonal closet should have a three month lifespan with shopping for the next season commencing two weeks before the season starts. With this is mind I should have moved over to my spring wardrobe at the start of March and shopped towards the end of February.

I’m not sure about you but towards the end of February I couldn’t get my head around what the weather was going to be like in March let alone May. Who knows in this country? From the teeny strappy vests hung on the racks of the UK high street you’d have though we we’re expecting a heatwave before Easter when in fact we were more likely to have snow. Even my capsule wardrobe Pinterest board had to go with the very generic theme of spring AND summer as I struggled to know where to pin to. (I appreciate having boards is hideously contrived but with 37 pieces you’ve got to refine down to your favourite pieces!)

As it was baltic for much of March I wore the winter wardrobe for four months cheating by adding in a couple of newer items. As we’ve hit April and the weather has warmed up a bit I’ve found I’m getting the hang of spring dressing and it’s all about the layers.

Here are a few pieces I’ve treated myself to and some from my wish-list.

The New Trench

I would loved a duster style trench coat but haven’t had much luck finding one in my size when I hit my local high street. Also they are all too long on me and are looking more ‘flasher’ than ‘fashionista’. On taller ladies I love the swishy and sophisticated look of the lighter fabric of this Reiss Trench but the below the knee length is no good for me. If you’ve seen any lightweight trenches for smaller ladies then please do let me know!

Faux Leather Jacket

With no trench I’ve been hunting for a different jacket instead. I had to face facts, my seven year old ‘pleather’ jacket had come to the end of its life and needed to be replaced.

I found this Faux Leather Peplum Biker Jacket in Topshop and can’t believe the quality. It’s very thick and leather-like and the cue peplum detail makes a change from the biker style I had before. I’ve been wearing over dresses and with ripped skinnies.


It’s been quite some time since I wore a sweatshirt. They seem to be back with a vengeance but to avoid feeling I’d gone back in time to my Fruit of the Loom phase I opted for a silky finish in a classic sweatshirt style from H&M. When I went to put this post together I found it was out of stock so can’t share with you. However on Asos they have got a terrific little number with fringed sleeves. If only I didn’t already have 37 items in my wardrobe…

Long Kimono

I ordered the H&M Patterned Shirt Dress as you guessed it, a dress, only to find when it arrived it had two gigantic slits up the side. Rather than send back I’ve kept it to wear as a thin boho kimono-style cardigan over a silk vest. I’m also going to take on my upcoming Seville holiday to wear over my bikini.

Slub style cardigan

These H&M knitted cardigans are dirt cheap and come in lots of different colours. Perfect for layering over a slouchy tee on cooler days.

I’ll be back in the next week or so to share my spring European break wardrobe. In the meantime, how are you getting on with your spring wardrobe? Anyone other capsule wearers who struggle with planning ahead? What cover-ups have you been buying to deal with the spring chill?