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I was just a little bit excited about my book club reads because this one is by my very favouritest author, Cecelia Ahern. For me, Cecelia’s stories are the true essence of beautiful storytelling – captivating, enchanting, awe-inspiring and moving in equal measures.

When her latest books come out I always try to snap them up and devour them quickly, but more recently time has been getting away from me and I have had a couple of the newbies winking at me from the book shelf for too long now. So when I was looking for suggestions to share with you lovely lot, that you could snuggle down and welcome the chillier weather in with, I knew that a Cecelia Ahern would be just the ticket.

The Marble Collector tells the story of a father who has lost his memory, and a daughter who is trying to piece together his past and work out her own future at the same time. Sabrina Boggs discovers a mysterious collection of marbles in her father, Fergus’ belongings. All are catalogued and categorised by name and value, an interest that she didn’t know father possessed. The problem is, neither does he seemingly.

Sabrina’s journey of discovery for the story behind the marbles lasts just one day, but delves into a lifetime of her father’s secrets.

The thing I loved most about The Marble Collector is the perfect unraveling of two parallel stories. Fergus’ story spans generations, while Sabrina’s takes place in a day. Yet it still feels like it is every bit Sabrina’s story as it is her father’s. She finds herself through the things that her father has forgotten.

Ahern tells a story about memory, family, love, loyalty and secrets that makes you wonder how much of our parents’ stories we really know – and how much of our own stories will be lost to generations to come.

As with all of Ahern’s book, it is an easy and enjoyable to read – but it always makes you think about how the story relates to your life, or to the world around you.

It hasn’t toppled my current favourite Cecelia Ahern read (One Hundred Names, in case you are interested) but it is a wonderful story, beautifully told. The perfect read to snuggle up under a blanket and delight in.

So, hands up, who else is a Cecelia Ahern fan? And if you were reading along with me, how believable did you find it that Fergus could hide so much of his life from his family? Did you think there were similarities between Sabrina and her father? And most importantly… what other is your favourite Cecelia Ahern?!

Would love to hear your thoughts lovelies, so get commenting below.

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