I was at a bit of a loss how to title this post to be honest. What I mean is – lipsticks that you can kind of throw on with minimal fuss, not too far away from your natural pinkish lip hue but with a bit more polish and an overall brightening effect.

Of course everyone’s skintone is entirely different, so I would absolutely love you forever if you could describe your epidermis attributes, hair colour and a review of your favourite easy-to-wear pout perfectors in the comments box below. Assisting each other in the art of enabling if you will.

My absolute favourite (well at the moment, I am in no way faithful to cosmetics products as a rule, too many exciting things to try…) is MAC “Creme Cup“. It’s one of their lustre finishes, and is a creamy pink with a dab of mauve and beige. Apparently it’s widely used by Make-up artists on brides as it’s such a universally flattering shade.

Dior’s “Swan” (No.263) is a delicate barely-there pale-ish pink with a pretty sheeny finish, I recently bought it for my friend Lisa (medium skintone, brown hair) and it’s fast becoming one of her go-to products. Super easy to wear and you can layer it for more intensity.

One of the most genuine suits-all products is Clinique’s Chubby Baby Tint in “Blossom”. A glossy balm that is bespoke depending on your own natural pigment.

I know, magic.

I like the fact that even after the shiny finish has worn off, the ballet-slipper esque tint remains for hours.

If you are after a glossy gloss that doesn’t smear everywhere or become non-existent after a cup of tea and a biscuit, then Bobbi Brown’s Rich Colour Gloss in “Pink Sorbet” is lush. VERY pigmented and liquid-y yet non gloopy, it’s especially flattering on otherwise winter chapped lips.

If you saw Lottie’s “Glow” tutorial over on Rock My Family then you may have already seen me mention Lipstick Queen’s Chinatown pencil in “Catalina”. It has quite warm undertones, and is a subtle yet effective “makes you appear more awake” hue.

More recent discoveries not featured in the images above are Ellie Goulding for Mac’s “Without Your Love” (a gorgeous slightly shimmery more intense pink that leans slightly peach) and Gosh Velvet Touch lipstick in “Kitten Pink” from Superdrug. The latter is only £6.99 and is a kind of old favourite that I forgot about for ages. It suits me (silver/blonde hair with very pale yellow skin) as much as it does my friend Kelly who has dark olive skin and rich chestnut locks.

As I mentioned above, please do share your everyday lipstick shades below, I’m sure there are a few more I need to invest in…..