As a self-confessed beauty junkie then it won’t come as a surprise that last year I bought a LOT of products. Some useless. Some mediocre. Some AMAZING. I’ve recommended all sorts of different must-haves and whatnot on these pages over the last year or so, so thought it was the perfect opportunity to highlight my absolute favourites as well as some more recent discoveries.

If you follow me on instagram then you’ll know that I’ll sometimes post gratuitous pictures of my face explaining how I achieved that particular look or how the clever use of make-up transformed me from resembling an extra from the living dead to someone reasonably normal. Inevitably the joy of motherhood has also brought considerably less time for me to apply and blend. I need quick and long lasting solutions that don’t cost the equivalent of a small island and are preferably readily available online or at my local Boots (because even if I make a promise to myself that I will ONLY go in and buy toothpaste, I always find myself sneaking down the cosmetics aisle and checking out the latest releases.)

Guerlain Meteorites Baby Glow Light Revealing Sheer Make-Up £35.50

Firstly this is quite possibly the stuff of wizardry and witchcraft. It is literally look-lit-from-within in a tube. Secondly it’s called a foundation but I’m not sure why, it has the coverage of a tinted moisturiser and it’s effect is more of a “blur” to imperfections rather than coverage. Just wanted to make that clear. Nevertheless Baby Glow is beyond awesome – it makes your powder stay on longer AND it has an SPF of 25.

I use the palest hue “Clair/Light” which is ever so slightly pink in terms of undertones. There are only 3 shades available, even more query over the slightly odd foundation reference. Medium is quite dark in comparison – I bought light for a friend for Christmas even though she has a more tanned complexion than I. It blended beautifully though apparently, her recent text read “The Guerlain you bought me? It is a thing of magic…”

My Dad bought me a back-up tube from John Lewis for Christmas. Yes my Dad, he likes to charm the pretty ladies behind the shiny counters and get them to gift wrap everything for him during the festive period. Be warned, everywhere often sells out or has limited stock available. John Lewis also has an excellent and detailed description of all of the many benefits.

Bobbi Brown Rich Colour Gloss £19.00

The shade Pink Sorbet is pretty much my daily go-to of late. My lips have been very dry now we’ve got the central heating on and lipstick just flakes off, even with a generous application of my much worshipped HPA Lanolin before bed.

The colour payoff is good, more pigmented than a standard gloss with much greater longevity of wear. You may have read I was hoping Santa would gift me the shade “Pink Gold” in our stocking fillers post…..and guess what? my sister-in-law reads the blog so did the honours. Lucky old me.

You can purchase yours from John Lewis at the same time you accidentally on purpose add the Baby Glow to your virtual basket.

Redken Wind Blown Dry Finishing Spray £16.30

I keep telling my friends to buy the “Windswept” spray but you know, same thing. These days I rarely do anything with my neglected barnet except wash, add a volumising mousse and haphazardly blow dry. When I do have the time to create a beachy wave though THIS is the key ingredient. Not only does it hold the style, it also kind of texturises….much like you have been for an enthusiastic paddle in the sea and then spent some time afterwards languishing idly on a clifftop.

Basically it will leave you with mermaid hair. And who doesn’t want to be a mermaid?

I order mine from and they currently have 25% off all Redken styling items so it’s only £12.20. A small price to pay for tresses that rival those of Daryl Hannah.

MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup £15.50

This is an old but re-discovered favourite. I can’t for the life of me think why I stopped wearing it, it must have been a case of I ran out but had 157 other lipsticks to use up. Anyway, it’s a kind of pinky nude with a sheeny creamy finish so I can just about get away with it in my current chapped pout status. I wear it with the pink gold gloss as mentioned above so it is even more moisturising. A bridal make-up artist recently told a friend of mine that it her most used shade for weddings as it’s fairly natural and suits a multitude of skintones.

I also rate MAC creme D’nude which is more beige, both are available at John Lewis.

I would bang on about my Smith & Cult holy grail nail varnish again but fear boring everyone with the same old same old. Each of the team did get a bottle for Christmas…..and my sister bought me both Plastic Beach and Teen Cage Riot for Christmas. It really is the most spectacular polish I have ever owned.

What have been your best beauty buys of 2015? I’m sure there must be many other lovely things I need!


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