Today I’m sharing a few ideas to keep your beauty products organised and in tip-top condition too. At home I store my make-up in my dressing table drawers partitioned off into compartments for eyes, lips and face. All my nail polishes are bundled together in an apothecary jar like the one featured today. In a completely revolutionary move, I also store some of my cosmetic haul in a make-up bag too!

The Modern Glass Look

For all of you who trawled the shops for candy jars for your wedding sweet display, it’s time to put them to good use. Swap the marshmallows for eyeshadows, or in this case the whole of the Chanel counter. How very dare that Essie nail polish sneak in and ruin the Coco display!
Being a hoarder I keep all the bumpf, bags and ribbon that come with my posh make-up purchases, hence the Chanel ribbon. Obviously you can add any trimmings that you like to personalise your glass. Find similar jars at Confetti or Home Sense.

The Vintage Glass Look

If you favour the glass look but want a more antique display then raid charity shops and vintage stores for cut-glass pieces.
In a former life I like to think this cake stand was piled high with a leaning tower of fondant fancies. Now it sits in my spare bedroom stacked with delicious cosmetic treats instead. I picked up the stand from a Brighton flea market and the pomander jar from a local charity shop.

The Tool Box

Next time you’re stocking up on paint in your local DIY superstore take a look down the tool box aisle for an aluminium tool box.
This method of storing your make-up is heavier than the super-stylish cases a make-up artist would use, however it’s great for organising some of your lesser-used items.

The Muji Drawers

No self-respecting beauty blogger would store her make-up in anything other than a Muji storage solution. These wide drawers will set you back around £11 but there are cheaper and more expensive pieces in the range. Their flip-top boxes make finding your favourite mascara a doddle.

The New Kid on the Block

Charlotte spied this £15 Ikea organiser as an alternative to the Muji acrylic range. The Godmorgon has plenty of compartments for your nail polishes and a handy swivel partition to offer you an extra layer of storage.
It’s quite sizeable so if you don’t have room on your dressing table then this contraption would work well in a deep drawer.

Now it’s your turn. How do you store your lotions and potions? Do you like to have it all out in full view or prefer to stash away in drawers?