Back in our Skincare Update, Becky mentioned some of the Beauty Pie products she was using and the comments came in thick and fast with requests for a Beauty Pie review. Fast forward and we’re finally here with one. Myself, Becky and skincare queen Charlotte are all Beauty Pie members and whilst this post may read a bit like a sponsored post by nature, we can guarantee that there has been absolutely no affiliation with Beauty Pie in any way to write it. It’s an honest, unbiased review of their products. 

A few of you questioned how the concept worked, and rightly so because it’s a bit revolutionary as far as the beauty industry goes. I found it confusing at first, but after some FAQ reading, I now understand it. So let me attempt to relay it to you. 

Beauty Pie is a cosmetics buyers club. Meaning that, by charging a membership fee (you choose from £5 to £20 per month), they are able to buy luxury beauty products at bulk buy prices and then pass the savings onto their members. To differentiate their membership tiers, you get a certain spending limit ie. £5 per month gets you a £50 per month spending limit, £20 per month gets you a £200 per month spending limit. These limits rollover if unused. The thing that confused me (but isn’t really that confusing) is that your spending limit is based on the ‘typical price’ of an item – the market value of that luxury product. So if the mascara is typically £20, but you only actually pay £4.31 because you’re a member. Then £20 comes off your £50 spending limit leaving you with £30 left to spend that month. 

Once you’ve wrapped your head around it and completed your first order (the user experience is well explained as you go along), it’s very easy to understand. But like most innovative concepts, takes a minute to get used to. 

Another couple of points worth noting, they do not engage in or buy products that have been tested on animals. The majority of their products are vegan. They pay careful attention to packaging to ensure it’s all truly recyclable (without weird foils and lining that stops most beauty packaging from being actually recyclable).

Do let us know in the comments below if you’re a member and have your own favourites or not-so-favourites from the range. Are you thinking of joining the Pie?


I’m the newest member of the team to foray into the land of Beauty Pie, so my product knowledge isn’t as extensive as the others. What I will say though is that so far, I haven’t had any duds. Everything I’ve purchased has either met my expectations or in some cases exceeded them. Like Becky, I really rate their Jeju Daily Am/Pm Moisturiser Superinfusion. It smells lovely and feels really rich but sinks in fast. Another daily product I’ve been using for a few weeks now is their Footopia Super Softening Foot and Heel Cream. I put this on last thing at night with some fluffy socks and my feet are more baby smooth that they’ve ever been. The last in my trio of Beauty Pie moisturisers that I really rate is the Super Healthy Skin Deluxe Moisture Body Créme. I love the scent, the consistency and the way it makes my skin feel. 

I recently ordered their new Intensive Nourishing Shampoo and as someone with shockingly thick, course hair this has been absolutely wonderful. I don’t enjoy the in-shower experience so much, it takes quite a lot to lather it up in my hair. But I will keep using it because it’s definitely giving me smoother more manageable hair. And bonus points to these products for not irritating my usually sensitive and flaky scalp. 

The last beauty product I can mention is the Uber Volume Boost Mascara. I got it for free with my first order and to be honest, I’m glad it was free. I don’t dislike it. It just, for me, isn’t the most volumising mascara I’ve ever tried. Put it this way, it’s the mascara I wear if I’m just hanging about the house or working from home. It requires a bit of building to get any length and the volume is just not that impressive. But what I will say in its favour (and the reason I actually use it) is that it looks very natural. Like your natural lashes only better. Which is why I like it for a day to day, I’m-not-going-anywhere pick me up. 

Becky bought me the Sweet Tobacco, Cedarwood and Vanilla candle for my birthday this year and I love it.  A point worth noting though is that it’s got a very stiff wick (oh dear…) that doesn’t burn away so you do need to clip it between uses to avoid that flickery smokey flame. This is probably a plus though because the wax burns very slowly and so evenly. The scent payoff is also really beautiful.


I’ve had a shake up with my skincare routine over the last 5 or 6 weeks but still have 2 key beauty pie products in there. I’d got into bad habits with my routine (I’m honestly useless at sticking to anything for longer than 4 weeks) and as a result of that and product running out and using whatever I could find in the back of my cupboard, my skin went wild. So I needed to start using more targeted lotions and potions to sort it out. That said, I have maintained using one of the Beauty Pie moisturisers because I love it and was really hopeful that it would work well with my new cleanser and toner and it does. Huzzah! Of an evening I use the Jeju Daily AM/PM Moisture Superinfusion. It’s a strange consistency when you’re getting it out of the pot, I’m not even sure how to describe it so I won’t try. But when you put it on your skin it feels so nice. Soft and hella moisturising and it sinks in really nicely. I’m seriously prone to congestion and clogged pores and I was worried it might be too rich and heavy but I’m finding using it in evenings alone it’s been working a treat. I wake with what feels like well-hydrated skin and I guess that’s the goal of any moisturiser.

The other thing still in my arsenal is their SPF. I’ll admit, I don’t remember every day (I’m trying to get better and have been remembering well recently with this lovely weather we’re having in the south-east at the moment) to wear it, but I’ve never had any issues with it. Regular SPF irritates my eyes and I fond takes an AGE to soak into my skin and this is quite… wet and absorbs quickly. I put it on over my regular moisturiser. My only issue? I wish it was a higher SPF. I’m really fair and so a 25 just doesn’t cut it for me the closer we get to summer. The final thing that’s a staple part of my make-up bag is their tinted moisturiser. I find some tinted moisturisers to be a bit patchy but I like this one. Goes on nicely, evenly and is a pretty good colour match. I wear fair. Because pale. This has an SPF of 20 so you know, maybe if I wear the two together I’m basking with an SPF 45 on. Pretty sure it doesn’t work like that though.


I have three stand out favourite products from Beauty Pie but many I really rate. I think it’s excellent value and have recommended a subscription to many friends as well as bought membership as a gift. On the subject of gifts, the candles are exceptional. I have bought them for others and of course, gifted them to myself. Sweet Tobacco, Cedarwood and Vanilla is my go-to. 

I wore the Brazilian Lime, Fig Leaves and Tea perfume throughout last summer, I’m not a fan of overtly floral or sweet scents and this is fresh and deliciously unusual. And no, it doesn’t smell anything like Tetley or a builders brew. It’s sexy and long-lasting and the bottle will be an elegant addition to your dressing table. 
Last but not least, the matte lipstick in Semisweet. This sold out last year and I was devastated* as I wear it every day, either on its own or with liner and shiny gloss for special occasions. It’s a kind of terracotta pink/nude and is decidedly non-drying for a matte finish. It’s under £4 with a subscription and the pigment and colour payoff is better than lipsticks I’ve paid five times that amount for. 
*you know I can’t discuss cosmetics without a generous dose of hyperbole. 

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