I’m sure you’ve all done it; reached for your favourite cleaner, moisturiser or hair product and then realised you’ve run out. I know that my friends must be sick of me pinching their facial wipes and hairspray when I stay at their houses. It seems like every single time I pack an overnight bag I forget one vital part of my beauty regime.

Charlotte mentioned how she recently went away for the weekend and accidentally left her usual skincare favourites at home forcing her to use a bumper bottle of fragrance-free body lotion as a cleanser, eye make-up remover and moisturiser. Mrs O’Shea was pleased to report that although her make-up free skin was a little shinier there was no discernible difference when full make-up was applied. As usual the RMS team then proceeded to have a good old chin wag about this, sharing our own improvisation techniques when some of our most loved beauty products have run out or miraculously disappeared from our wash bags on weekends away.

A scour of the internet revealed that people are substituting their usual beauty routine for some very odd and innovative things. Before I go any further I want to stress that we do not endorse any of the methods and products that we’re about to reveal. We’re just putting them out there! We’ve asked around and here’s our very original list of household products that have been used in an emergency.

  • Tomato ketchup for restoring chlorine soaked green tinged hair back to its former blonde glory. (As this appears to be the only cure for tinged hair is there actually a beauty equivalent?!)
  • Anti bacterial hand wash instead of an acne specific face wash
  • A tiny smidgen of hand cream instead of hair conditioner to smooth locks. (Tried and tested, just don’t use too much or you end up with greasy tresses)
  • A dab of petroleum jelly instead of eye cream or eye make-up remover. (Apparently Jennifer Anniston does this and she always looks AMAZING).
  • A hot water and sugar solution spread through the hair if you’ve run out of hairspray. (I would be afraid that I’d attract a swarm of flies so I think I’d prefer to stick to floppy hair than an infestation.)
  • Haemorrhoid cream to reduce under eye puffiness. (This just seems wrong on so many levels)
  • Toothpaste or Sudacrem for soothing spots
  • Anti-ageing hand cream instead of the usual anti-aging moisturiser from the same range. (I’ve often wondered how cream knows which part of the body it’s moisturising anyway)
  • So have we missed any of your spontaneous beauty tips? What measures have you been forced to take when you’ve realised your beauty cupboard is bare?
    Please do share your top improvisation tips. You don’t just need to stick to beauty!