Those of you that read my post on “railing my wardrobe” or follow me on instagram, will know that I’ve been endeavouring to figure out my weekly outfits on a Sunday evening for the week ahead.

The intention is to be more organised, to spend less time faffing around in the morning trying to find “something to wear”. It’s also an exercise in figuring out what I do actually wear – what pieces come out of my main closet the most and what items hardly see the light of day.

Where I’m winning on the fashion front I’m failing miserably when it comes to beauty/skincare, particularly apparent when I have an overnight stay somewhere. I’ll be super strict when it comes to packing garments (no alternative outfit options allowed!) and then when it comes to make-up and toiletries I literally fling everything into a massive wash bag (or three) and my small holdall goes from light and streamlined to jam-packed and bursting at the seams.

At home I tend to have big bottles of stuff (shampoo, body lotion and the like) as they are inevitably better value. I should probably decant into smaller pots and jars but I inevitably forget to buy the damn things in the first place. And I can find hardly any of my staple products available in “travel size”.

I favour the see-through wash bags so you can see what you are looking for quickly and easily (or at least I would, if there wasn’t so much stuff in there) and I’m often looking for products that have clever/slimline packaging.

I’m recently sold on this Briggs and Riley “Deluxe” Wash Bag which apparently has a lifetime guarantee! And you can hang it up! I’m a marketeers dream me.

As you can see from my bathroom cabinet there are quite a lot of products in there right now (mainly for testing I might add – I’m wading my way through and will update you on the results of various delights soon!) and perhaps, especially for gallivanting, I need to consider more 2-in-1 multipurpose type items. Is there a general cleanser that will take off your eye make-up and face make-up and won’t irritate or sting? Do you know of a decent volumising hair mousse that comes in travel size? I’m nervous about using the “S” word but you know, is there a decent soap I could travel around with that you can use for your body and face that’s relatively gentle? (I would only essentially be using it once a week or so).

How do you travel lighter with beauty bits for short trips? (or long haul for that matter).

Actual travel case wise, I need a new one – my beloved Antler is now over 10 years old and is looking very tired and worn. I would love to find something sturdy yet compact, with useful compartments if possible. Suggestions most welcome.

In denim news, I have been coveting the Frame le Flare De Francoise jean for well over a year but they were just too expensive. Then they went down to half price at matchesfashion (I had to buy a size smaller than I normally take but can just about squeeze into them). They have a few sizes left at The Outnet. I used to be quite wary of high waisted stuff, but so long as the cut is right, your legs are lengthened like nothing else.