I don’t know how I’ll feel about wearing a bikini when I’m actually on holiday (less than 4 weeks….Yay!) but for now I feel ok about it, I’ve worked hard over the last year to improve my fitness and regain some body confidence since having Mabel. I’ve invested in some styles that I think (hope!) are pretty and flattering. However, I’ve also purchased a couple of swimsuits should I feel that actually, I would simply feel more comfortable covering up that little bit more.

Regardless of post pregnancy physique issues I’ve never been a fan of my bum cheeks being on public display, gone are the days when I’d put up with some stringy type bottoms never staying in the right place and that continual fear of getting up off your lounger only to expose almost everything to almost everyone. And I always want some kind of cover up to get from A to B poolside – I am a big advocate of the Kimono.

Seafolly Pineapple Print “Crush” Swimsuit £95.00

Ok let’s start with the most expensive. Seafolly is my favourite swimwear brand, I make an investment purchase every summer. The fit is amazing, they wash like new and the pieces look luxe. I’ve got bikinis from 6 years ago that I would still wear now. I like the fact this has such a sexy back design whilst remaining supportive and cleavage enhancing. Plus I’ve never owned yellow swimwear before. And I like pineapples.

I bought mine from ASOS.

Next Paisley Print Bikini Top £15 & Roll Top Briefs £12 & Tummy Control Swimsuit £25

I’ve never bought anything from Next before except clothes for Mabel. No reason in particular – I just never shop there. Recently they’ve opened a huge store in a retail park near by and I’ve been in for a nose a few times. I was mostly impressed by their vast choice of beachwear, there are quite a few items I would have made the effort to try on had I had time.

The Paisley print bikini top is a great fit – I prefer styles you can buy in a “bra size” as it were, plus they do a huge range of sizes too. You can mix and match the brief design but I chose the roll top version as they are very comfortable, cover your backside properly and there is no risk of exposing my C-section scar.*

The shape enhancing swimsuit is possibly the most flattering item in my beachwear repertoire – I probably would have felt good wearing this even some months ago. The ruching does wonders for flattening your tummy and it’s full coverage at the back. Is it the sexiest item I own? No, it isn’t. But the cut and design isn’t frumpy or typically Mumsy either. And it looks lush with a sarong or maxi skirt over the top.

New Look Tropical Longline Kimono £14.99 and Crochet Border Kimono £19.99

As I was saying, I do love a kimono. And New Look have THE BEST (and some of the cheapest!) designs this year in my humble opinion. The tropical print is bright and summery and very lightweight – it’ll roll up to barely nothing in your suitcase. The crochet number is just gorgeous, too nice to wear on the beach and get covered in sand to be honest. Would look lovely over a vest and shorts or as an evening cover up to a cute bohemian dress and flip flops. They don’t have many sizes left on the actual New Look site unfortunately but there is a wider choice on ASOS.

New Look Topical Push Up Bikini Top £17.99 and Tropical Twist Bikini Briefs £9.99

As well as New Look providing the greatest kimonos this is also James’s now favourite bikini – the hues work really well against fair skin. It’s apparently a “super push up” (!) which I don’t really understand, there is more than your average amount of padding but the fit is good and even though your bust is admittedly somewhat um…lifted, it in a flattering feminine way, not up by your chin or anything. (Having said this I don’t have enough boobage to ever be chin level, extra padding or not.)

The co-ordinating briefs are not full coverage but near enough, and I would highly recommend taking a size larger than normal, I found that they come up really quite small.

Do let me know about any pieces you have bought recently or would recommend I check out – and please feel free to ask any questions about fit and whatnot that I’ve failed to include about the items recommended in this feature.

*My C section scar doesn’t bother me, I just feel more comfortable not risking having it on display.