I find it both easier and harder to be healthy in summer than in any other season. On the one hand the light mornings make getting up and out of the door to an exercise class feel less of a challenge, there’s an abundance of in-season fruit and veg to get stuck into, and the longer days make it feel as if there’s more time to. Get. Stuff. Done. On the other hand there are barbecues to attend, ice creams to be eaten and chilled white wine to be drunk in suntrap beer gardens…

At the beginning of the year I set myself some healthy goals – as opposed to making resolutions – the point being to add things to my life that were good for my mind and/or body, instead of restricting myself and therefore setting myself up to fail. With the official start of summer just a few weeks away it feels like it’s the right time to set some new goals. Here goes…

Become A HIIT Woman

If you’re thinking, “First of all, what the heck is HIIT?” it stands for High Intensity Interval Training and involves alternating between short bursts of intense physical activity, followed by short periods of lower intensity to allow your body time to recover. Workouts tend to be shorter (around 30 minutes long), making HIIT perfect for busy lives. Not only that but HIIT kicks your body into overdrive, boosting your metabolism and keeping it elevated for up to 48 hours. Since joining Class Pass I’ve been doing HIIT classes on a semi-regular basis but throughout the summer I plan to include two HIIT classes in my workout week. I like the sweaty exercise high I get from a HIIT sesh and that I’m feeling more toned, even after only occasional HIIT classes over the past couple of months. If you like the sound of HIIT but you can’t get to a class you can incorporate HIIT into whatever you do already, for example, if you’re a runner add 60-second sprints to your regular distance and recover with a minute’s walk or jog.

Take Some Time To Dream

2015 has been a busy year so far in terms of work, which is great, I’m much rather be busy than not, but it hasn’t left me with very much time to think about the future and, without that time to look ahead, it’s very easy for things to stay exactly as they are (I’m thinking of the big life stuff, career, home and so on). Which is no bad thing and at some points in our lives is exactly how things should be. However, I feel like the time is right to think about how I’d like my future life to be. Carving out some time to dream, perhaps starting by making a vision board, will give me the opportunity to work out what’s important to me. Once I know that then I can plot the steps I need to take to get to where I want.

Go To Bed Early & Get Up Later

My tendency is towards filling my every waking hour with activity, starting the day with a workout, before heading to work, putting in eight hours and then, working day done, meeting friends for drinks and/or dinner. It’s not surprising that I frequently look and feel tired and am never quite as organised as I could be. This summer, instead of workout/work/go out and repeat – eventually, inevitably, crashing and burning – I’m going to schedule in a couple of early nights a week and a couple of not-so-early mornings, giving me more time to organise, potter and sleep, leading, hopefully, to a healthier, more organised, me.

Slow Down

I’m guilty of doing things far things too quickly. Eating. Reading. Talking. Walking. Yoga-ing. This summer I’m going to sloooow down. Way down. Really savour my food (both preparing and eating it). Linger over beautifully descriptive passages in the books I read. Consider what I’m going to say before I say it and not rush to the end of the sentence every time I open my mouth.Move mindfully through every pose in a yoga class. I’ve been reading up on how to lose weight with yoga and slowing down in all your poses is what all the masters recommends. I will look at the stuff around me when I’m walking, instead of trying to get from A to B as quickly as possible (without making myself late, of course). Noticing, and hopefully appreciating everything so much more.

Be More Rosie H-W

Before you’re like, “Seriously, what is she on about now?” let me explain. Rosie, as in the super-hot multi-hyphenate (actress/model/lingerie mogul), is the cover star of the May issue of Self magazine. In the cover interview she says all sorts of stuff that I kinda know already, but it was good to be reminded of, such as: 1. “You have to take risks in life and scare yourself. You have to push beyond your comfort zone in order to grow.” 2. “Working out isn’t just about staying toned or remaining a certain size. It’s about peace of mind, feeling strong and becoming the best version of yourself.” 3. “Some people measure success by how big your house is. To me, you’re successful if you’re leading a life that’s fulfilling and happy.” So, this summer, thanks to Rosie, I’m going to push myself out of my comfort zone now and again, remind myself that working out is as much for my mind as my body, and check in to see if my life is as fulfilling and happy as it could be. When in doubt, I’ll ask myself, “What would Rosie do?”

How are you doing with the healthy goals you set yourself at the beginning of the year? Do you plan to set some healthy goals for summer? Who’s your Rosie?! Do share below!