Morning all, it’s Lauren here. Thanks for all your thoughtful comments on Fern’s recent post. We thought you’d like to get to know our Fern even better so we’ve asked her to share her maternity style with you. Though some the items aren’t available to purchase we hope this will give you a little style inspiration if you’re pregnant during the colder months. Over to Fern.

My main focus during my pregnancy so far has been to try to focus on the positive changes to my body – bigger boobs when you’re pretty flat chested is always a bonus, as is thicker hair when yours is usually really fine and flyaway. At the moment these thoughts are getting me through – but I know I’m only growing one way from here and I’m not sure how long I’ll keep the positive thinking up for!

Outfit 1

My beloved Pepe jeans leather jacket was never going to be removed from my wardrobe for the Autumn/Winter season and although I can no longer do it up – just wearing it makes me feel better about myself. I’ve found myself turning to the prints in my wardrobe more and more, maybe in the hope that it will distract people and stop them from staring and wondering if I’ve just eaten too many burgers or if I am in fact, pregnant. (A man genuinely asked me this a few weeks ago)! The dress and jumper are both from Topshop. The ankle boots are from River Island and they currently have some similar ones with a metal trim.

Outfit 2

I have been living in extra long vests from H&M as they are so comfortable. I also have a tendency to get cold and the extra layer definitely helps. This Topshop tunic is easy to wear and I actually quite like the way the stripes accentuate my bump. Personally, I’ve found a dress and tights combination much more comfortable than wearing trousers. Tights wise – I’d recommend decent quality M&S ones, just try a size up if you feel restricted in your normal size. The parka is from ASOS and it’s roomy enough to zip up if it’s cold.

Outfit 3

We have a very boisterous puppy called Drake who needs walking twice a day. Layers are best for this kind of activity as I invariably start out freezing but end up in a sweat. For keeping warm outside when tights just won’t cut it – I’d really recommend Topshop’s maternity leggings. They are super thick and the extra bit of material for the bump is really comfortable. When you first get them, they do appear rather wetsuit-esque, but I promise they soften up really nicely and you’ll literally want to live in them.

My quilted coat is from Zara, the checked shirt is from Abercrombie & Fitch and the grey scarf was a present from Matt’s Mum with a built in hood which I love.

Outfit 4

It’s universally known that black is slimming, so if I’m having an urrrrggghhh day I’ll wear all black and throw on something colourful. I love mustard yellow, whether it’s on trend or not and this Misguided cardigan (that I stole from my sister) is one of my favourites. As is this John Lewis scarf, which again is good for bump hiding if you’re feeling self conscious.

Outfit 5

This outfit should come with a caveat – there’s no way I could wear this for more than a few hours – but you can’t feel entirely unsexy for nine months and sometimes a bit of glitz is needed. For these occasions, I’d recommend tube skirts, i.e. those with no zips or fasteners – you just pull them on. Any length, any print, any colour – a tube skirt in a bigger size is really comfortable and can easily be dressed up. This one is jersey material underneath the sequins and so I can make it sit below or above the bump depending on which is more comfortable. My skirt was from H&M a few seasons ago. This year they have another sparkly one but this has zips. Heel wise, I’ve been sticking with wedges. These are my beloved Autumn boots from Aldo and I’d be lost without them. Stilettos can be tough on your feet at the best of times and when your sense of balance is off too, I’ve found wedges are definitely a bit safer!!

Something I really need some advice on though lovely readers is good maternity bras – has anyone discovered any that are still relatively pretty?