I’ve only had one professional pedicure in my life and vowed never to return. Don’t get me wrong, the beautician did a fabulous job but it tickled so much I was yelping out loud in fits of giggles.
My feet (or trotters as my husband lovingly refers to them) need a bit of help. I swear I have some form of circulation problem and they are often a rather fetching shade of blue. Don’t even get me started on the state of my heels.

I promise this post isn’t sponsored by Soap and Glory, but featured are my five favourite products for getting my feet in tip-top condition at home (oh and if S&G do want to get in touch then I’m fine with that).


I like to give my tootsies a good old scrub as part of my at-home pedicure and choose Flake Away Body Scrub to buff my dehydrated skin and kick start the pamper process. I apply to damp skin in a circular motion.


I used to be fond of the Ped-Egg but have read some interesting pieces suggesting a metal cheese grater isn’t the most gentle thing to use on your skin. (Now there’s a surprise). Instead I like to get acquainted with the Soap and Glory Foot Buffer and use once a week to smooth away the hard skin. The design of the rubber handle means you don’t have to be a contortionist to reach your feet and I find it very effective. I make sure my feet are dry before I get to work with the buffer.


Next I remove all the nail polish from my toes. Usually I curse myself here for not using a base coat. I favour a bold and bright shade on my toes and all too often stain the nail underneath.
Charlotte and Miranda came up with a smashing list of nail related must-haves in our manicure post so it’s worth a read for their top picks for nail varnish remover and the like. Perhaps I’m lazy but I’ve never used an orange stick on my feet. A friend of mine does though so I’m not sure if I’m in the minority here? For shaping and maintaining my nails I like to use Tweezerman Clippers.


Then it’s time to break out the Soap & Glory Heel Genius and I slather on a very generous layer all over my feet to nourish and soothe. I don’t need to go on about the benefits of this product as I know most of you have discovered its magical properties already. I love that this cream does the job but doesn’t have a medicinal smell in anyway, just the S&G signature scent.


Finally with smooth feet and prepped nails, I apply a few coats of a vibrant nail colour. I don’t use those sponge separators as my toes were not designed to be that far apart. I usually just plonk my feet on top of a magazine to spread the toes slightly. I’m currently sporting Essie’s Watermelon which is actually not a fruity red but more raspberry. Either way it’s a perfect shade for summer.

How do keep your feet in tip-top condition? What shades have you been painting on your toes?

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